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Two years ago I worked with a client who wanted to loose 100 lbs. She paid for 12 hypnosis weight loss sessions, which included 12 healing hypno-coaching sessions, CDs, email accountability, educational information, assignments, and other resources.

She had tried many diets, supplements, cleanses, and spent thousands on things that didn’t work including 15 years of therapy, which had not helped her lose weight. She had a long list of failed remedies, and she was absolutely convinced nothing would work, but wanted to try hypnosis.

Early life trauma kept her in a constant state of depression, hopelessness, and low self-esteem, which was treated unsuccessfully with medication.

In our sessions we began to focus on positive self-esteem, healing former wounds, new habits, stress relief and more. She began making progress and started feeling better.

Then after the fifth appointment, she suddenly stopped coming. It was sad because she started making real progress. After numerous attempts, and excuses on her part, I finally had to close her case. And, although I know she could definitely break through the resistance and blocks that keep her stuck, there was a part of her that did not really want to the success.

OH-NO-Woman-Fotolia_341939_XSThis is extremely rare occurrence in my business. Usually if clients pay out of their pocket, they want to see the sessions to the end. I can only hope this woman will reach a place in her life where she believes she deserves to achieve her goals, and commits to following through.

If you are considering hypnosis, know that hypnosis cannot make you do anything against your will. However, it will absolutely transform your life if you want to make changes but are afraid of failure. It is the easiest way to achieve your goals. And we all like easy – who could ask for anything more.


Studies reveal that group hypnosis is one of the most powerful, effective and easy ways release excess weight and achieve a healthy life.

An article from the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, on a study conducted on hypnotherapy for weight loss treatment indicated that hypnosis is 30 times more likely to succeed among patients subjected to weight loss programs.

A two-year research of 109 overweight patients, who underwent behavioral treatment using hypnosis therapy for weight management also yielded positive results, and post treatment follow-up for two years significantly resulted to sustained weight loss.

No matter how difficult or challenging, keep moving forward and you will achieve your goals.


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