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Weight Loss

Are you struggling to control your eating, carrying excess weight, and/or have no desire to exercise? Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work? If you are tired of fighting with yourself and failing you are not alone.

Maybe you are successful at losing weight. Perhaps you’ve lost weight repeatedly over the years, and even though not the most fun thing to do, you know you can lose weight if you want to.

Maybe the problem isn’t losing weight at all. Maybe the problem has been keeping that weight off. Maybe you can’t keep it off because of resistance to change, fear and self-sabotage…

Throughout my over 30 years experience as a fitness trainer I’ve helped many people lose weight and get in shape for high school reunions, weddings and other important life events only to see that weight replaced within months after the event is over. Controlling food intake and exercising is an important part of losing weight, but they don’t address the root cause of the behavior.

What usually happens when we make changes for outside reasons such as attracting a partner, looking good for a job interview or other important life events? As soon as those goals are achieved, the reason for achieving them is often gone and we resort to the habitual behaviors that have prevented us from losing weight in the past.

The truth is that if the desire for change doesn’t come from within, from a deep and personal desire for true and lasting transformation, that weight loss is often short-lived.

Challenges in controlling weight are not always a result of not exercising enough and/or choosing the “right” foods. What I’ve found in working with weight and food challenges, is that sometimes it can be a symptom of other life issues, stressors, anxieties, traumatic events and/or negative programming at an early age. These challenges can leave blocked, negative energy in our bodies preventing us from energetically creating those new behaviors.

If you can relate to what I’m saying and you are READY to release that excess weight, control your eating and love yourself in a healthy way because this is what YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF, then I will help you.

Using powerful and effective tools and techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, life coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Chakra Healing and personal fitness training and 30 years experience in social work, I will help you transform your life from the inside out.

As you are making the decision to change because this is what you want for yourself, we will embark on a journey of self discovery, self confidence and self empowerment. The change you desire and success you deserve will come easily, meaningfully and powerfully.

You will move past that resistance, past that self sabotage and realize the success you’ve been looking for.

As we work together you will become more self aware while gaining more self control. You will learn techniques to help with weight loss and food management while retraining your mind for success. You will learn to set and achieve your goals, transform emotional and mindless eating, and you will learn ways to love exercise and healthy eating.

Discount packages for individual sessions are available for a limited time. Email pevessey@gmail or Call now to schedule your session or class and begin your journey.

Local classes offered through Groupon, Living Social and Amazon Local are also available to support you in making meaningful and lasting change in your life. Classes are listed on my calendar.

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Working with you helps me clear out the negative brain chatter/clutter so that I understand the concepts and use them. I now know my dreams are within reach. I am not alone anymore.I have a best friend. MYSELF. You reintroduced me to my real self that I had buried so deep I couldn’t find her on my own. The pedometer is wonderful! I DANCE! I forgot how I loved to dance! I swim! I forgot how much I love being surrounded by water! I can do 6000 steps now. I feel so much better and my self esteem went up because I am doing something I deemed impossible with my weight, age and bad knees! I also see how my excess body weight, credit card debt and clutter are all the same thing. I am using the EFT technique sheet you gave me and EVEN THOUGH I still have these issues I COMPLETELY LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF! I have to do the work, put in the daily time and effort to unearth myself. I GET THAT NOW and because of your work with me I now know I am capable. I AM REBUILDING my self by rebuilding my self esteem one step at a time with the building blocks you gifted me with, and I lost 27 lbs in the 3 months I worked with you. B.Young

Choosing to go to Patricia for hypnosis and the hypnotic gastric band was the best decision I have made. The experience far exceeded my expectations. From the first session, my behavior changed easily and naturally. I eat less, recognize my body’s natural hunger, and am able to stop eating when my body says that I am full. The weight is coming off easily and safely. I am able to handle social situations, emotional situations, and challenging days without falling back into old emotional eating patterns. This is not a diet. This is a complete shift and I am not a slave to food any longer. Patricia is a wonderful hypnotherapist. She has helped me breakthrough in my personal life and I feel more empowered and positive than I ever have. Thank you Patricia!I feel free and in control and I love this new life that you’ve helped me achieve! M. Tanay

I attended the class on Feb 12. I went into the class w/no expectations, my mind was open to whatever was going to transpire. I am a firm believer in your thoughts become things. I enjoyed the class and fully participated in it’s entirety. I did think the session w/the gross CD about being able to give up a food was a bit silly. But I left there thinking “ok, let’s see what happens”. My food was chips – I haven’t had any chips since. I have been able to say “no”. The conversation I have in my head is actually quite funny, but I don’t have the desire to eat chips. I didn’t buy any CD’s and I wish I would have. I am thinking about coming to another class. I would recommend this class to others as long as they are open minded. Thank you for what you do!
T.V. Federal Way, WA

It was fulfilling. Patricia put us all into the deepest of trances and convinced us we had lap bands. It was incredible, really, when we were brought out of the trance, I really thought I was wearing one! I learned that a little bit of confidence and determination can take you a long way in your fight against problems. I intend to fight the good fight. AM Smith

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