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Are you struggling to control your eating, carrying excess weight, and/or have no desire to exercise?  Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work?  If you are tired of fighting with yourself and failing you are not alone.

Maybe you are successful at losing weight.  Perhaps you’ve lost weight repeatedly over the years, and even though not the most fun thing to do, you know you can lose weight if you want to.

Maybe the problem isn’t losing weight at all.  Maybe the problem has been keeping that weight off.  Maybe you can’t keep it off because of resistance to change, fear and self-sabotage…

Throughout my over 30 years experience as a fitness trainer I’ve helped many people lose weight and get in shape for high school reunions, weddings and other important life events only to see that weight replaced within months after the event is over.  Controlling food intake and exercising is an important part of losing weight, but they don’t address the root cause of the behavior.

What usually happens when we make changes for outside reasons such as attracting a partner, looking good for a job interview or other important life events?  As soon as those goals are achieved, the reason for achieving them is often gone and we resort to the habitual behaviors that have prevented us from losing weight in the past.

The truth is that if the desire for change doesn’t come from within, from a deep and personal desire for true and lasting transformation, that weight loss is often short-lived.

Challenges in controlling weight are not always a result of not exercising enough and/or choosing the “right” foods.  What I’ve found in working with weight and food challenges, is that sometimes it can be a symptom of other life issues, stressors, anxieties, traumatic events and/or negative programming at an early age.  These challenges can leave blocked, negative energy in our bodies preventing us from energetically creating those new behaviors.

If you can relate to what I’m saying and you are READY to release that excess weight,  control your eating and love yourself in a healthy way because this is what YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF, then I will help you.

Using powerful and effective tools and techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, life coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Chakra Healing and personal fitness training and 30 years experience in social work, I will help you transform your life from the inside out.

As you are making the decision to change because this is what you want for yourself, we will embark on a journey of self discovery, self confidence and self empowerment.  The change you desire and success you deserve will come easily, meaningfully and powerfully.

You will move past that resistance, past that self sabotage and realize the success you’ve been looking for. 

As we work together you will become more self aware while gaining more self control.  You will learn techniques to help with weight loss and food management while retraining your mind for success. You will learn to set and achieve your goals, transform emotional and mindless eating, and you will learn ways to love exercise and healthy eating.

Discount packages for individual sessions are available for a limited time.  Email pevessey@gmail or Call now to schedule your session or class and begin your journey.


Local classes offered through Groupon, Living Social and Amazon Local are also available to support you in making meaningful and lasting change in your life.  Classes are listed on my calendar.


The hypnosis tools are great tools to add to my goal to release excess weight. This was a thoroughly positive experience in all aspects - not just weight loss. Absolutely worthwhile.

Cherine White   

At 54 years of age, with a self image of being 'the pudgy one' from childhood, reinforced with years of 'emotional battering' from my father in a failed attempt to motivate me to be slim, I had a problem. My problem was visible as I carried my excess weight as an armor of protection against hurt. One thing that I knew I controlled for sure was the intake of 'comfort food'. Unfortunately, it seems that somewhere I lost control and reached a very uncomfortable weight at 5'8" and 264 pounds. It was uncomfortable mentally and physically.

Patricia helped me identify the potential source of my problem. In addressing the source I could forgive myself and forgive my father to let go of the past. Then, through hypnotherapy my lifetime of negative image and thoughts that controlled my actions have been replaced by a positive direction that has allowed me to lose 37 pounds in about 3 months with what seemed like 'no effort'. I find that I am making healthy selections for the type and amount of food I eat, along with enjoying the mental and physical benefits of walking as my choice of exercise.

I look forward to additional weight loss as I continue to learn how to approach every situation with my new and more positive approach to life. This includes my new view of food and exercise that contributes to my overall well being.

Thank you Patricia! I am very grateful for the direction you have provided for me to make a welcomed change.


My selection of foods has been much healthier. I have exercised almost daily. I’ve released 2 lbs the 1st week. I am trying something new. I have hope it will change my focus on weight loss.

G. Hedgpeth   

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