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Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Compassion

What is Confidence?

To have confidence means we believe in our abilities and know we can be successful. Yet many of us doubt ourselves more often than not. We feel insecure in relationships, wondering if we’re attractive, loved or good enough to keep them.

At work we may fear not being smart enough, liked, respected or savvy enough to do a good job or be promoted.

In our relationship with self, we may only see flaws stare back as we look in the mirror, remembering an overload of failings and wounds. Too noften that inner voice is filled with harsh, critical words we would never say to a friend. In fact, we would be friendless, isolated and lonely if we talked to anyone the way we talk to ourselves.

The books, articles and audios always seem to miss the mark; leaving us feeling we’ve failed at yet another attempt at “being confident”.of self esteem and confidence and more.

What’s the Answer?

We know that mistakes, failure and defeat are unavoidable events in life. These events can even fuel our journey to tremendous success.

Some of the most successful people in the world experienced enormous failure prior to their success. Yet their dreams, drive and determination eventually resulted in extraordinary success.

“There is no failure except in no longer trying.” ~Elbert Hubbard

Opra, a billionaire and TV icon, was fired from her first TV job as an anchor in Baltimore.

Academy Award winning novelist, Steven King’s first book, “Carrie” was rejected 30 times before finally being accepted and bringing him incredible fame and fortune.

His teachers told Thomas Edison he was ‘too stupid to learn anything’. He went on to hold more than 1,000 patents, including the phonograph and practical electric lamp.

Walt Disney was told he ‘lacked imagination and had no good ideas’.

Albert Einstein was thought to be mentally handicapped. Yet he won a Nobel Prize and changed the world’s view on physics.

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. He later became the greatest basketball player of all time.

Abraham Lincoln experienced many failures yet went on to become President of the United States.

Other famous and successful people whose previous lives included failure are Vincent Van Gogh, Elvis Presley, J.K. Rowling, Jerry Seinfeld, Stephen King and many more.

What can we do?

There is no quick fix for building confidence, especially with a life time of accumulated trauma, abuse, neglect, criticism and not feeling good enough. For many even psychotherapy doesn’t help. Repeatedly rehashing past problems only serves to strengthen the neural connections in the brain. And that keeps you stuck, reliving and embedding those problems.

You can heal, change and overcome a life time of unhelpful experiences with hypnosis, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), coaching and other energy psychology modalities. Patricia at Integrity Coaching & Training Systems can help. She will teach you new and positive ways to “be, think, feel and act towards yourself. With these tools you will unravel and disassemble those limiting, negative and destructive self beliefs. And you will transform them into forgiving, empowering acts of self compassion.

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