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1.   Self-Sabotage and give up on your goals?
2.    Feel inadequate and not worthy or good enough?
3.    Let stress, anxiety, lack of clarity, focus and follow through keep you stuck?


If you answered YES to any question you’re not alone. These challenges are more common than you know.  But you can resolve, heal and transform them quicker, easier and more powerfully than you ever thought possible with hypnosis, NLP and coaching.  Our highly effective techniques are based on science and the latest brain research and they produce real results.
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 So,  if you are struggling and you want to make positive changes in your life Patricia Eslava Vessey can help. Whether you’re feeling stuck, stressed, overwhelmed or want to change habits, lose weight, gain confidence, perform better, improve your health, heal traumas, conquer fear, addictions, release depression, pain or other problems and don’t know what to do, HypnoCoaching sessions with Patricia can help you make those changes quickly, easily and permanently.

Imagine being able to see, sense and imagine exactly what you want in life and then having a powerful plan, support and accountability to get you there. Patricia will help you remove what’s been holding you back and help you replace it with empowered thoughts, feelings and actions so that you can achieve those goals and live your best life.

Integrity Coaching & Training Systems is a personal growth and development company.  Patricia’s passion and purpose is to help you empower yourself personally and professionally so that you can thrive in a life of your design.  She works with individuals privately, and groups, in person or remotely using SKYPE or ZOOM, to help them remove roadblocks and build a solid inner foundation of confidence and strength so they can achieve their goals.

She believes people are whole, capable, resourceful and deserving of the best life possible. Sometimes we all get stuck, discouraged and unable to move forward. And during those times it’s important and empowering to reach out and ask for help. Why not let Patricia be your trusted guide.

Working with life coach and hypnotherapist Patricia will be an empowering, positive and life-changing experience. You will gain the insight, skills and ability to make a commitment to yourself.  And you will free yourself from limiting beliefs and behaviors. Engaging in a HypnoCoaching relationship with her today will put your life in forward motion immediately.

Call, text or email her today and find out how you can thrive in your life.  206-459-2898

Below, are some of the areas in which Patricia can help. However, her services can be applied with success, to many issues, including chronic medical conditions such as IBS, addictions, panic attacks, and others. Please call Patricia to discuss your needs and find out how Integrity Coaching & Training Systems and Patricia will support you in meeting those needs.

Stop Smoking


Integrity HypnoCoaching to stop smoking – could work for you in as little as one session.

Lose Weight

loseweightIntegrity’s HypnoCoaching to lose weight works with your individual relationship with food.

Be Confident

Integrity’s HypnoCoaching for confidence could change the way you live your life forever.

Conquer Fear, Anxiety Phobia, Panic Attacks


Integrity’s HypnoCoaching for fear, anxiety, phobia, panic, could help you live with ease, calm and free

Overcome Stress

Integrity’s HypnoCoaching for stress can reduce stress quickly, easily and permanently.

Relieve pain

Integrity’s HypnoCoaching for pain relief could help you to manage your chronic pain without side effects.

Perform Betterperform

Integrity’s HypnoCoaching for pain relief could help you perform better, improve sports, speaking, acting and more…



Integrity’s HypnoCoaching for personal and professional development.

Business & Learning

Integrity’s HypnoCoaching for business, learning, memory, speaking can improve your career.


healingIntegrity’s HypnoCoaching for healing can support the body in overcoming health challenges.


Integrity’s HypnoCoaching for mindfulness can improve your awareness and help you make healthful choices.

Shop, MP3’s, Books & Moremp3

Integrity’s Store for your personal development recording, books and more…

Life Coaching ~ Hypnosis ~ NLP

Do you:

1.  self-sabotage and give up on your goals?
2.  not feel good enough?
3. let fear keep you from living your life fully?
4.  lack clarity, focus and follow-through?
5. feel stuck?

If you answered YES to any question you’re not alone. These problems are common and you can resolve, heal and transform them quicker, easier and more powerfully than you ever thought possible.  Our highly effective techniques are based on science and the latest brain research and they produce real results.

Call Now and schedule your FREE Phone Consultation and learn how to we will help you reach your goals.

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What clients say:

Patricia is a very skilled hypnotherapist. Unsure as to the results I'd get, I was quite pleased when it became clear that the sessions with Patricia were actually helping me to dismiss thoughts and feelings that had seemed to take up permanent residence. Patricia provided me with some unique techniques that I still practice in order to keep my focus where it needs to be. I highly recommend Patricia to anyone who wants to move past stubborn personal issues, fears, emotional prisons, and the like. As long as they participate with an open mind, they'll see the results.

James Alberson, Sandler Training   

Patricia – I just have to tell you that the NLP/hypnosis WORKED!
I tested my needle phobia, well lack of, today by getting a flu shot. I am dancing and cheering and smiling and crying tears of joy!!!!!!!
I have also given your information to a few friends. What happened is too good to be true, and I want to share. Thank you so very much!

Kathi Coon 425-525-3713   

Patricia is a skilled hypnotherapist and uses an individualized approach in her work. She has a great commitment to doing her best for her clients. My work with her has resulted in successful public speaking and gaining confidence in my inner authority. I have highly recommended Patricia to family and patients. Keep up the good work Patricia in facilitating growth and empowerment for people to reach their goals.

Naturopathic physician, Dr. Lynn Mikel, Naturopathic Physician   
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