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If you are struggling and you want to make positive changes in your life Patricia Eslava Vessey can help.

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If you are struggling and you want to make positive changes in your life Patricia Eslava Vessey can help. Whether you’re feeling stuck, stressed, overwhelmed or want to change habits, lose weight, gain confidence, perform better, improve your health, heal traumas, conquer fear, addictions, release depression, pain or other problems and don’t know what to do, HypnoCoaching sessions with Patricia can help you make those changes quickly, easily and permanently.

Imagine being able to see, sense and imagine exactly what you want in life and then having a powerful plan, support and accountability to get you there. Patricia will help you remove what’s been holding you back and help you replace it with empowered thoughts, feelings and actions so that you can achieve those goals and live your best life.

Integrity Coaching & Training Systems is a personal growth and development company. Patricia’s passion and purpose is to help you empower yourself personally and professionally so that you can thrive in a life of your design. She works with individuals privately, and groups, in person or remotely using SKYPE or ZOOM, to help them remove roadblocks and build a solid inner foundation of confidence and strength so they can achieve their goals.

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Do You?

Self-sabotage and give up on your goals?
Not feel good enough?
Let fear keep you from living your life fully?
Lack clarity, focus and follow-through?
Feel stuck?

If You Answered


to any question you’re not alone. These problems are common and you can resolve, heal and transform them quicker, easier and more powerfully than you ever thought possible. Our highly effective techniques are based on science and the latest brain research and they produce real results.

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Testimonies About Hypnosis

My naturopath recommended hypnosis with Patricia Vessey for problems with pain, anxiety and fatigue in relation to my fibromyalsia. I was shocked how well this worked after just one session. I have returned for sleep and other issues. Patricia was wonderful at listening to my problems and making me comfortable with hypnosis. I found her to be very caring and helpful. She has a very safe, soothing voice. I would highly recommend her hypnosis sessions to anyone. I have had great success and use her lessons daily to deal with my sleep and fibromyalsia problems. Thank you Patricia.

Patricia is a very skilled hypnotherapist. Unsure as to the results I’d get, I was quite pleased when it became clear that the sessions with Patricia were actually helping me to dismiss thoughts and feelings that had seemed to take up permanent residence. Patricia provided me with some unique techniques that I still practice in order to keep my focus where it needs to be. I highly recommend Patricia to anyone who wants to move past stubborn personal issues, fears, emotional prisons, and the like. As long as they participate with an open mind, they’ll see the results.

Patricia has exceptional skills at making you feel relaxed and calm. Her hypnotherapy sessions are full of great techniques for solving problems and letting go of stuff.

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