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A safe, easy, weight release program that will change your life!

Are you considering bariatric surgery? If you are, hold on. There is another more effective and safe way using hypnotherapy. If you want to know how to lose weight fast you may be interested in our virtual lap band, gastroband hypnosis classes or our one to one program.

Diet plans and diet pills, even detox diets don’t work because they do nothing to address the mental and emotional aspects of weight loss. They are short lived solutions. To be successful with weight loss the program needs to address mind and body, habits, thoughts, beliefs and past traumas or programing that has kept you trapped in a vicious cycle.

This may be the freedom from the weight loss struggle you’ve been looking for. One of the many weight loss services I provide is the Lap Band, GastroBand Hypnosis™ Weight Loss Program. This powerful, proven and tested program will help you gain control of your eating patterns so that you will look and feel better. It is one of the fastest ways to lose weight. While participating in our Lap Band, GastroBand™ Hypnosis program, I will support you in “losing all the weight you want” without feeling hungry, or suffering those wild cravings for those fatty, surgery, high-calorie foods that have led you down that old unsuccessful path…

This powerful, safe and effective non-invasive program will help you easily and effortlessly make food choices and changes confidently. You will be amazed, surprised and thrilled with the changes you are making.

In each 1.5 hour session we work with you to restore, renew and improve your self-confidence, self esteem and self respect, while you heal and strengthen your inner resolve to permanently and powerfully keep these wonderful changes you are making. We will also help you enjoy exercise while feeling good about making healthy food choices. With over 34 years in the fitness field expertise in weight loss hypnosis (having successfully hypnotized well over 3,000 people) we have designed an amazing program just for you. We are absolutely committed to your success!

This revolutionary program could provide the results you have always been hoping for without the deprivation, cravings, fad diets and the risks and high costs of bariatric surgery. Imagine your success!

Think about how good you feel imagining being able to wear anything you want with confidence and having complete control over your weight. Imagine the world of possibilities opening up to you as you master this important area of your life. Perhaps you’ll be more active, take more risks, be more assertive, confident and step more fully into your greatness…

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Lap band, gastroband participant testimonies:

Choosing to go to Patricia for hypnosis and the hypnotic gastric band was the best decision I have made. The experience far exceeded my expectations. From the first session, my behavior changed easily and naturally. I eat less, recognize my body’s natural hunger, and am able to stop eating when my body says that I am full. The weight is coming off easily and safely. I am able to handle social situations, emotional situations, and challenging days without falling back into old emotional eating patterns. This is not a diet. This is a complete shift and I am not a slave to food any longer. Patricia is a wonderful hypnotherapist. She has helped me breakthrough in my personal life and I feel more empowered and positive than I ever have. Thank you Patricia!I feel free and in control and I love this new life that you’ve helped me achieve!

Working with you helps me clear out the negative brain chatter/clutter so that I understand the concepts and use them. I now know my dreams are within reach. I am not alone anymore.I have a best friend. MYSELF. You reintroduced me to my real self that I had buried so deep I couldn’t find her on my own. The pedometer is wonderful! I DANCE! I forgot how I loved to dance! I swim! I forgot how much I love being surrounded by water! I can do 6000 steps now. I feel so much better and my self esteem went up because I am doing something I deemed impossible with my weight,age and bad knees! I also see how my excess body weight,credit card debt and clutter are all the same thing. I am using the EFT technique sheet you gave me and EVEN THOUGH I still have these issues I COMPLETLY LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF! I have to do the work, put in the daily time and effort to unearth myself. I GET THAT NOW and because of your work with me I now know I am capable. I AM REBUILDING my self by rebuilding my self esteem one step at a time with the building blocks you gifted me with, and I lost 27 lbs in the 3 months I worked with you.

For a limited time we are offering the 1st session in the 6 week Lap Band, GastroBand program, through Groupon at an amazing price.  Find the coupon HERE.

Integrity Coaching and Training Systems - Empowering You to Succeed With Hypnosis, NLP & Coaching

2 hour lap band, Gastroband class through groupon – student comments:

It was fulfilling. Patricia put us all into the deepest of trances and convinced us we had lap bands. It was incredible, really, when we were brought out of the trance, I really thought I was wearing one! I learned that a little bit of confidence and determination can take you a long way in your fight against problems. I intend to fight the good fight.

Very positive experience; I enjoyed class. I learned visualization-I will use my first anchor and the lapband and photo of my future self.

It was easy to do and would do it again.

I enjoyed it. I learned anchoring – going to use when needed.

It was good. I really enjoyed it and could feel it working. I learned how to use anchors and set goals.

Very good and valuable techniques.

I did relax and had a great picture of me in my mind. I learned to picture myself the way I want to feel and see.

This was new to me. It was different and I’m excited about the outcome. I learned determination, confidence, and commitment and how to achieve it.

The anchor was helpful and new – I intend to use it frequently and use the CD for 21 days.

It feels great. I just hope I can carry it through my life. I will use the exercises in the morning to prepare for the day

This successful program was developed by Don Rice and Sandi Graves Hypnotists in Arizona while helping a client who experienced problems after having the actual lap band surgery. For more information, watch their TV advertisement.

Here’s how it works:

Within a six week period we help you use the power of your mind, through hypnosis to place a gastro (lap) band around your stomach. This creates less room for food. And because you become full faster, you eat less. And less calories means that excess weight quickly, easily and powerfully leaves your body. As you continue to release excess weight we help you create new habits around eating and exercise that you will be able to stick with long after the sessions are over.

Included with this program are four reinforcement hypnosis recordings to support your success and you’ll receive a FREE Stress recording just for participating in our 6 week program.

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