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Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Stress

An occasional mild dose of stress, anxiety, or fear can be a normal response to certain life situations. However if you feel anxious, panicked, phobic, fearful, or stressed and no matter what you do, you cannot control it, this condition might be more serious. Maybe you have tried to analyze, search for the origin, criticize yourself, or talk yourself out of it, but nothing has worked. You may even have physical symptoms such as dizziness, fainting, racing heartbeat or others and doctors are not able to discover the cause.

If these responses are chronic, feel like they are controlling your life and keeping you from having a sense of freedom and achieving your goals, the following information may help.

You are not alone if you are suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, or stress. Anxiety, characterized as “excessive uncontrollable and irrational worry”, is the most common mental health challenge that affects 40 million Americans in the US aged 18 and older, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA).

Over time escalated, repeated, and uncontrolled episodes can lead to an anxiety disorder, which can cause chronic illness and disease, missed career and performance opportunities, challenged, and failed relationships, lack of self esteem and confidence and more.

Anxiety Disorders & Statistics Include The Following:

Anxiety Disorder – 6-8 million people affected
Panic Disorder – 6 million people affected
Social Anxiety Disorder – 15 million affected
Phobias – 19 million affected by one or more of 530 documented phobias
PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) – 7.7 million affected
OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive disorder) – 2.2 million people are affected
Major Depressive disorder – 14.8 million adults affected

Symptoms Of Anxiety

Symptoms can occur anytime day or night and may include, feelings of pending terror, doom, or death, racing heart, feeling like having a heart attack, feeling weak, faint or dizzy, tingling or numbness in the hands, fingers or other body parts, chills or sweating, chest pains, trembling or shaking, trouble breathing and feeling a loss of control. These symptoms can last 10 or more minutes and when you have one, you are more susceptible to additional, similar responses. Most often these reactions are in disproportion to the actual situation.

Causes Of Anxiety

It is unclear exactly what causes anxiety, panic and phobias, however they can be affected by a complex set of contributing factors, including traumatic life events such as physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse and/or neglect, witnessed tragedies or other events. The origins may include genetic tendencies, environmentally learned responses, brain chemistry, and/or personality tendencies. And, these conditions can be triggered by current life events.

Treatment For Anxiety Disorders:

Traditional medical treatments include psychotherapy and/or medications. Other, alternative, natural anxiety treatment includes systematic desensitization/cognitive behavioral therapy, exercise, yoga, Tai Chi, biofeedback, meditation, acupuncture, supplements such as SAM-e, omega-3 fatty acids and/or St. John’s Wart.

Another tried and true, proven remedy for anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, and stress is hypnosis. When you feel stress, anxiety, panic, fear, pain, lack of confidence or any other uncomfortable sensation hypnosis can help you make rapid, powerful, and substantial change.

Because it is the epitome of mind-body medicine, hypnosis for anxiety, panic, phobias and stress allows you to access and reprogram those thoughts feelings and images that keep you in bondage to these sensations and reactions.

Approved for use by the American Medical Association in 1958, hypnosis can enable the mind to tell the body how to react and change the messages that the body sends to the mind. This interrupts the anxious, panic, phobic, stress response. And doing so can allow you to gain control of, eliminate, and free yourself from these responses.

According to the latest research in neuroscience and mind/body medicine, hypnosis changes habituated patterns and rewires your brain creating new neural pathways towards healthier behaviors. Using hypnosis can help you eliminate anxiety, panic, phobias, and stress and rewire your brain.

Hypnosis is able to make rapid and substantial change because it helps you access the “programming” of your mind in order to make your desired permanent change. As positive change is made you become healthier mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Read the TESTIMONIES BELOW and contact me today. I will show you how to reprogram those thoughts and responses as you empower yourself with the most current and easy to apply processes available today. You may also want to visit our store and purchase, “Freedom From Fear, Stress Release, Healing Chamber, Powerful Confidence” 206- 459-2898

Hypnosis cannot, and should not, stand alone as the sole medical or psychological intervention for any disorder. Hypnosis should not be used instead of appropriate medical, dental, or psychological treatment, and any individual with a medical or psychological problem should first consult a qualified health care provider for diagnosis and professional advice. Hypnosis should only be practiced by those who have been appropriately trained, who practice appropriately, and within the scope of their training.

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Patricia – I just have to tell you that the NLP/hypnosis WORKED!
I tested my needle phobia, well lack of, today by getting a flu shot. I am dancing and cheering and smiling and crying tears of joy!!!!!!!
I have also given your information to a few friends. What happened is too good to be true, and I want to share. Thank you so very much!

When it comes to Patricia’s centergy classes, she’s as good as it gets! That is why I sought her out to help me deal with a flying anxiety problem that has been haunting me for some time. It’s still a work in progress, but it gets better every time, thanks to Patricia’s compassion, understanding, calmness and expertise with hypnotherapy. I recommend her highly.

Somehow it was my luck to be involved in two car accidents, five months apart. Both accidents were identical events……intersection, pick-up trucks, my driver’s door struck while I was the driver. The first accident totaled my older car and the second totaled my brand new car. My neck, head, back, shoulder and hip had been healing. My fear of driving wasn’t. Because driving is extremely essential to my life, particularly employment as a marketer, I sought help with a neuropsychologist to help get me back on the road. While recommendations sounded helpful, attempts to change my behavior did not help. I was referred to Patricia at Integrity and learned that she has a great deal of experience with many types of phobias. Her ability to understand my fears, including the embarrassment of not being able to drive, was remarkable. Her ability to help me release those fears, permanently, allowed me to return to my normal life. How one session with Patricia managed to accomplish this, I cannot thoroughly explain, but I am certainly grateful I had this opportunity. I have been and will continue to recommend her.

I wanted to give a sincere THANK YOU to Patricia for assisting me in overcoming a most disabling fear of earthquakes. After being involved in a few Seattle quakes, I’d adopted a deep rooted fear which affected me daily, kept me up at night, rerouted my driving trips through the city and probably shared with my daughter. In the 2 hours I spent with Patricia I’ve conquered this fear. I check with myself for situations which previously would have affected me and VOILA! Nada! I 100% endorse, respect and appreciate her effectiveness in overcoming fears/phobias.

I’ve attended a previous hypnosis seminar and bought your “Freedom From Fear” CD and used it a lot. I was not perfectly consistent for 21 days in a row but I listened a lot to it and was able to take my husband on the Seattle waterfront Ferris wheel for our anniversary! I’m afraid of heights!

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