The hypnosis MP3/CD audio sessions in this store are designed for people who are desperately determined and motivated to have a better life. They are for those of you who want to make positive changes in your life, to eliminate negative and destructive thoughts feelings and behaviors that disempower and keep you stuck.

Hypnosis recordings are powerful and effective tools to help you achieve the changes you desire, especially if they are used in conjunction with our sessions, though not required. When used consistently, these recordings will help to reprogram your unconscious mind to support you in changing your beliefs and behavior which will allow you to achieve the success you want.

The more you listen to the recording, the greater your confidence and success in making positive changes in your life. For best results listen to the recording 21 days in a row.

We offer a growing assortment of recordings specially designed to support you. Please let us know if yo do not see a title you are looking for and we will create a recording for you.

Disclaimer: All information contained in Integrity Coaching & Training Systems website is for your information only. The information should not be used as medical advice or as a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Instead, the intention of these services is to support and complement conventional medicine. Always seek the advice of your medical practitioner with questions you may have regarding a medical or psychiatric condition.

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