Letting Go Weight Loss Affirmations


Transform negative beliefs and behaviors into positive, affirming… READ MORE


Transform negative beliefs and behaviors into positive, affirming ones with this uplifting recording of positive affirmations to support you in releasing excess weight.  As you listen to this recording you’ll feel positive and confident in releasing weight and making positive changes in your life.


  1. jen K

    I think about food completely differently. I don’t emotionally eat I don’t eat when I am bored and I stop when I’m satiated. I feel hopeful and optimistic. I’ve learned to love affirmations and the CD. As a result of this course I found that I am more than how I look. I was really pleased with the results especially when tested with temptation and was overjoyed to respond with stirring the I recommend Patricia and this course because I’ve been blown away by the results I’m so excited for the future. I’ve learned so many tools and cool exercises it really works! I feel profound changes in myself a I feel really proud of myself because of what I’ve already accomplished and what I visualize myself accomplishing. Now I want to hit no coaching for all my other issues such as confidence and direction.

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