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We all have limiting beliefs in some area of our life. And they may go undetected until we want to make an important life change or perhaps achieve a big goal. Then they rear their ugly heads often with paralyzing assurance of defeat.

My Office in Winter

My Office in Winter

However, we CAN change these beliefs using the power of our mind, and it’s far easier than you think.

Achieving the success you want is something you can learn to do. Try this simple yet powerful NLP technique and notice how much better you feel.


Reframing is all about positive thinking. It’s changing a meaning a statement or situation from negative to something that is positive or that implies an opportunity for something better.

For example, when you try to get a friend to think about things differently or see another point of view, you are trying to reframe events to get a different response. In another reframe, you could see a rainy day as a great opportunity to spend more time inside finishing important projects.

To Reframe a Limiting Belief or Situation:

  1. Change your time orientation. For example stop thinking of the short-term discomfort of getting up earlier to exercise and think about the long-term health gains of the behavior.
  2. Be solution focused. Stop focusing on WHY you have a problem and how bad it is and instead think of ways to solve it (i.e. exercise before work).
  3. Add choice. Stop using words like, can’t, have to, and begin speaking like you are in charge of your choices.
  4. Challenge your assumptions. (Just because it’s hard right now, doesn’t mean you can’t do it).
  5. Shift the time frame to put the problem in the past. (Getting up early to exercise used to be hard).
  6. Find a context where the problem won’t matter. (As you enjoy exercise more you won’t even give getting up early a second thought)

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