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Hypnotherapy for children is growing in popularity because of the exceptional results it produces.  Hypnosis helps children deal with a multitude of challenges.  It empowers them with confidence, coping skills and improves their performance.

Hypnotherapy is also showing results in helping children better cope with illnesses and various health conditions.  It is used successfully to eliminate bed-wetting, nail biting, hair and/or skin picking and many other conditions.

Hypnotherapy can also reduce nightmares, night terrors and even pain and discomfort.  And it can successfully eliminate stress, anxiety, fears and phobias.

Hypnotherapy can help children who are having difficulties at school. Using it as a treatment modality can help children with behavior problems feel more comfortable, confident and in control.

Additional benefits of hypnotherapy include  building self-confidence, alleviating depression, addressing weight challenges, and even enhancing performance whether in athletics or academics.

Hypnotherapy has been additionally been used successfully in reducing nausea and vomiting brought by treatment for cancer.

And it is good to know that hypnotherapy is gaining recognition as a viable treatment option even by pediatricians.


Hypnosis is completely safe; it’s been around since the 1700’s and was used by medical doctors for performing surgeries and other procedures.  Hypnosis a state of focused concentration, similar to daydreaming or that semi-dreamy state just before entering sleep or waking up.

Hypnosis does not have the ability to make someone do things against their will or  violate their morals or ethics.

When using hypnotherapy with children, it’s important to create a positive experience, explain the process, and gain the child’s cooperation and attention.

Studies show that children who participate in hypnotherapy are more confident. They have increased self-esteem, reduced stress, tension, and anxiety. child-1311854__340-copy

It’s important as a parents, to be able to support our children physically, mentally, and emotionally while providing an educational and nurturing environment and  future.  Sometimes this isn’t possible and children face challenges and suffer trauma unnecessarily.

Hypnotherapy is a viable, alternative treatment modality with a proven track record of success in many areas.  It is drug-free, calming, and enjoyable with no side affects.  It can be the best choice in helping your child overcome problems, gain confidence, and perform better.

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