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You have practiced long and hard for the big game and it is just days away. While a part of you thinks you can win, maybe there is some doubt. And if your teammates also feel this way, your coach may want to encourage, motivate and inspire you through sports hypnosis.

Sports hypnosis is a technique used for many years in the sports community as a way to sharpen your mental focus, relax your body, stimulate healing, control your emotions during training and eventually visualize success.

If you ask athletes, coaches and sports psychologists what it can do, they will probably talk about helping athletes get into the zone.

During hypnosis the unconscious mind will be engaged to help you visualize yourself participating in your sport exactly the way you want to play. You will see, sense and imagine yourself playing your best. And the great news is that when you use visualization in hypnosis is such a powerful way, your mind does not know the difference. This means you believe you play well, and so you act on this belief. You gain clarity, focus and follow through as well.

Throughout history hypnosis has been powerful tool to help an athletes perform optimally. In 1978, England’s cricket captain Mike Brearley consulted a medical hypnotherapist. A few years before that, the Russian team hired more than 11 hypnotists to make sure their team did well in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

But you don’t have to be a world class athlete to use group hypnosis. Varsity teams can also use it to win a championship.

When you hire a hypnotherapist, they can boost your confidence, attitude and help you win. They will take you through a mental rehearsal of the game, even telling you to visualize the venue and the actual game itself.

Play by play you will visualize everything that the team is supposed to do. You know that there may be a few errors in the actual game but you don’t think about that since you know that in the end, you can still win.

After the session, everyone will feel empowered, confident and ready for the day.

Group hypnosis is a powerful piece of mental equipment to help athletes play better sports. It is a means to an end since it helps you focus and visualize so you can become a champion.

Hypnosis recordings are also effective tools that can be given to athletes to help them prepare for the game. Regular listening will empower, inspire and build confidence. Smart teams do this daily until the day of the game so athletes are well prepared mentally, emotionally and physically for that special day.

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