What Are You Afraid Of?

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Ghosts, Goblins, and Werewolf wannabe’s are everywhere today.  For many this is the favorite holiday of all. It’s a time for creativity, fun and make believe. And that can be so much fun.

Did you ever tell scary stories as a kid? My friends and I loved to feel those scared feelings. What is it about fear that captivates us?

I remember watching scary shows with my mom as a kid. At the scary parts I’d cover my eyes and say, “What’s happening?” It was just too frightening to watch some of that stuff. I still do that with my husband today 🙂

Choosing to engage in playful fear making can be fun and entertaining. But for many, fear is a constant and debilitating companion and that’s no fun at all.

An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something is called a phobia. Approximately 19 million people are affected by one or more of 530 documented phobias. They are very common even though many people don’t particularly like to admit to or talk about them too much. One reason is because some people get scared even thinking about them. And often they feel embarrassed about not coping better in certain situations.

A common misconception is that phobias are a sign of weakness. Adults and kids from all walks of life get phobias. They are not a sign of weakness. Actually they demonstrate how powerfully and quickly our brains learn to react to a fearful situation.


A popular myth is that phobias are impossible to cure. But this is not true even though your phobia may seem incredibly powerful and you can’t imagine life without it.

Relaxing or facing your fears rarely works because of the way the part of the brain that creates the phobia is wired. Facing or forcing yourself to get over the phobia rarely works and can even make it worse. Some people use medication to cope with a phobia. But that doesn’t usually work to well either, and for sure, it’s not a solution.

Phobias are one of the easiest challenges to resolve, if you use the right method. And it’s good to know that techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) will have you eliminating that phobia quickly, easily and permanently. It is challenging to do on your own, but with a skilled NLP practitioner you can live your life phobia free.

What are you afraid of? There’s no longer any need to suffer from a secret fear. Contact me, I’m happy to help you.


If however, you experience fear, uncertainty, and doubt on a regular basis and it’s not a phobia, the remedy is to take action. Step boldly in that activity/decision. After all, you have a 50-50 chance to get it right. The more often you break up that repeated pattern, the easier it will be to change your reactions permanently.


If  that little voice in your head starts to tell you, but what if this or What if that, tell it to shut up and go away.  If  your mind tries to play tricks on you by making pictures of failure, change the colors in the picture to black and white, push the pictures far away into the distance or shrink them down until they get smaller and smaller, and completely white them out.  Make them disappear!

Then make a picture in your mind of you succeeding.  See yourself excelling and imaging the audience  cheering and applauding.

See the picture big, bright and vibrant! If there’s color, turn it up and make the picture bigger and bigger.  Then double that!  Make it real and attractive and as you do  create an anchor by pressing your thumb and middle finger together. Repeat this a few times, and very soon you will be controlling those thought. And really, that’s all they are, often not even based in reality.

You may experience some fears, doubts and uncertainties in the future, but now you know how to handle them. Now you can achieve what you want.

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Wishing you overflowing success! Patricia

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