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The year is almost over and how did you do with those New Year’s goals? Did you celebrate your success or is it, back to the drawing board?

Why not make this coming year your best one yet by starting to plan now. You can set those goals now and clear away the procrastination that prevents your success.

IMG_5781According to Author Denis Waitley “People procrastinate because they are afraid of the success that they know will result if they move ahead now”.

Great thinkers throughout history have known that procrastination is the main reason people fail to live more rewarding and more prosperous lives.

So how do we overcome procrastination? One approach to successfully eliminate procrastination is through a self-discovery process using tools from hypnosis, NLP and coaching. First identify your current state, what’s not working including any reasons and/or beliefs keeping you from moving forward.

As we transform those beliefs/reasons through clarifying what we do want, healthy doses of self-esteem, love and self compassion, we will create a compelling future. By identifying what you want, including your life purpose, and what you want for yourself, that future will look so attractive, appealing and enticing you can’t imagine not having it. Next you will create a plan and acquire easy to learn tools that will transform you into a goal achieving, action superhero. Start NOW and build your compelling future.

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Wishing you overflowing success! Patricia

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