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The human body is a wonderful and amazing creation.  It functions on it’s own without any conscious effort.  It keeps our lungs breathing and our heart beating and so many other functions.

It monitors and controls every move we make such as crossing and uncrossing our arms and legs and enables us to perform billions of physical actions each day.  You’ve got to admit, there is a brilliant mastermind at work in the running of our bodies.

When we break a bone and the doctor sets it in a cast, it is not the cast that heals the bone, it’s our body that does the healing.

Our body comes equipped with a self healing protocol.  And our unconscious/subconscious mind is the writer, director and producer of our body. In fact, the primary directive of the unconscious mind is self preservation.

There is a built in intelligence that knows what contributes to and takes away our health and wellbeing.

So it only makes sense to communicate with the unconscious mind when something is not working well.  When we tell our mind to do something which is in it’s normal power to do, it will, so long as it is not against our moral code or harmful to us.

Sometime illness and injuries occur. And in healing hypnosis  we don’t tell the body to do something it doesn’t ordinarily do, we tell it what it normally does, only better. We can remind it and retrain it to help us heal faster.

Even though the unconscious holds the key to health, the conscious mind can interfere and/or block the progress.  If there are negative effects from old traumas and we cling to unhealthy beliefs, deep healing may not occur.

It’s important  to first clear these beliefs and patterns so the body can work unencumbered to bring about the healing and health it was designed to do.

With hypnosis you can heal those past traumas and negative beliefs, thus clearing the way for real, meaningful and lasting healing in mind and body.

For more on hypnosis and healing bone fracture read the research article below: PUBMED Hypnosis Healing

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