Help! I Can’t Stop Eating!!!

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Does this sound familiar? Maybe you eat too much at every meal.  Or maybe you starve yourself during the day thinking you are doing very well only to binge eat in the evening.

If  this is your struggle, you are not alone.  It’s a common problem that plagues many.

We have been trained since birth to manage our emotions by putting something in our mouth (bottle, pacifier, treats for pleasant and not so pleasant emotions), and we’ve got a full fledged HABIT that’s been hard to overcome, until now.

But the problem is, that FOOD DOES NOT SCRATCH THE ITCH. Indulging in our favorite or “go to” food when we’re down does not help us manage emotions.

Food cannot eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, anger, frustration or any other emotion.  It simply does not have that capability.  At most it is a temporary distraction that makes us feel even worse about our problem after we’ve indulged.

And so we eat more, to try to feel better or because we’ve giving up – adopting an attitude of “what’s the use”???

Subscribing to this vicious and self-defeating cycle will rob you of the success you so desperately desire if you let it.

Good news ALERT!!!! Are you ready to take on a different perspective that will help you gain control over food for good? Are you ready to learn how to easily control your eating?

Because binge eating is a symptom of something not working in your life. It’s an indication that a new perspective is needed or healing needs to happen.  It’s an opportunity to learn new ways to heal and support yourself.  And that is where hypnosis and coaching can make the biggest impact in your life.

Once we find out what the real problem is, we can use hypnosis and coaching to resolve it.  We will retrain your mind to find other healthy, empowering and satisfying ways to manage your emotions and heal your life. 

If you’d like to find out how hypnosis can help you to get your eating back under control, attend one of our introductory Groupon 3 Hour Hypnosis Weight Loss or Virtual LapBand-GastroBand classes.  You will learn how to use the power of your mind to help you change your thoughts, feelings and actions about food for good.

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If classes are not what you are looking for, let’s talk about other options to support you gaining control over eating.

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