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The other day I looked at Spencer (my 5lb Papillion, human dog) and got teary eyed.  Spencer is nine (10 on 7/2/07) years old, and I try very hard not to worry about his health.  Instead, I thoroughly enjoy and cherish, with a warm heart, who he is. 

It is the happiest feeling in the world to come home and be greeted by him.  As soon as I lock my car (and the horn honks), I hear him start barking in the house.  He eagerly awaits my arrival, and can’t wait for me to get in the house.  How precious is that. 

He gets out of the way as I toss my lunch box and purse to the top of the stairs, and then comes to give me kisses. This is our routine.  I love how he stands there and looks at me, just watching.  Wherever he is, he positions himself so he can watch me.  Sometimes when I am on the toilet (I know, too much information) he comes in and stands with his back to me, and he faces the door.  He is guarding me.  How precious is that, that this tiny 5 lb dog would risk his life for me.  Wow, how can I not love him so much.

Also, we play catch.  I’m at the bottom of the stairs, he at the top, and I toss a little cat ball to him.  He hits it in the air with his nose so it comes back to me in the  air and I catch it.  He could do this for hours.

Spencer also knows sign language, and responds perfectly with a bark to the sign for “more” and “speak”.  He used to roll over, but now he refuses, and growls at me when I try to make him do it.  Don’t know what’s up with that.  Another unique and very cute thing he does is bring me several pieces of food out of his dish.  I will say, Spencer, go get mama some food (several times), and he brings it and drops in in front of me.  Then I make him do tricks and feed them to him.

I try to enjoy him with out worrying about the future, but the truth is, sometimes I do.  I worry about how I’m going to fall apart when he will no longer be in my life.  I will miss every one of these routines we have that create our wonderful relationship.  I will miss his company, and how he gets me outside of myself, and how he teaches me to love.

It is so sad that these wonderful creatures are with us for such a short time.  Unlike my two birds (another post…) Krioni and Kinsasha who will out live me.  Spencer, If I’m really blessed, will be here for 17 years.

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