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Family Child Care Providers:

I am teaching a 2.5 hour workshop at the Child Care Resources Family Child Care Conference on Saturday, June 2, 2007 at the Red Lion Bellvue Inn.  The conference  is from 8-4:30.  Registration deadline is May 25th.  Call Child Care Resources if you want to attend. 

My workshop is on Extraordinary Self Care, uncovering your Core Heart Essence, (CHE).  Here’s the description:

The pressures of daily living cause us to switch on autopilot and not be purposeful in what we do.  Deeply connecting with and caring for ourselves becomes buried beneath layers of “to-do” lists, stress and the usiness of life.  In this workshop you will gain clarity about your Core Heart Essence, CHE, and learn to make conscious, purposeful life decisions in support of who you are.  You will create a self care plan that honors your CHE.  You will love this workshop, guaranteed!