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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I gave a motivational speech to approximately 90 business owners at the Tour of Homes gathering, at Bates College in Tacoma, WA. These, mostly women attendees are a group of kind, compassionate, caring, and concerned individuals, committed to improving the lives of children and families.

What an important “calling” they have, to influence and teach the young children who will be our leaders tomorrow.  Performing this kind of work takes lots of motivation. 

My speech was on Motivation, which can be a challenge for many of us.  Even so, it is critical to our existence. Without motivation, nothing could be accomplished.  Books would not be written, children would not be born.  Houses would not be built, and child care facilities would never be attended. 

Here are some excerpts from my speech, including “Tips” to stay motivated from highly successful people, and some self reflection questions for you at the end:

One powerful characteristic of highly motivated people is their strong conviction that they will succeed.  They possess a fierce determination to achieve success, and they are committed and do what ever it takes, including overcoming obstacles in order to reach their goals.

Three Tips:

1. Surround our office or living space with evidence of our success, such as photos, certificates, and awards. Make a point of looking at them often to remind yourself of your success, and this will inspire you toward future action.

2. Take control of your SELF-TALK.  Many of us say negative, demeaning and cruel things to ourselves, and we are not aware of it.  Start talking to yourself the way you would someone you deeply care about. Be encouraging and positive with yourself.  How would you encourage and motivate a friend? What would you say?

3. Use the power of VISUALIZATION to help you stay motivated.  This is a widely utilized method to help athletes improve their performance and can help us too.  Visualize your success, in vivid details, and lin iving color.  Add your senses, feelings, seeing, hearing too.  Do this on a regular basis and see how your life changes.

Consider the following questions:

   1.  How are you affected by failure and setbacks?
   2   How do you benefit by being motivated?
   3.  What will it take to overcome these obstacles?
   4.  What will you begin?

Abundant Blessings,

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