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Many of us live our lives reacting to what is happening in our environment without regard to the impact on ourselves.  Often we respond quickly in an attempt to make annoying stress go away.  Facing many choices for some is extremely stressful, and can completely immobilize us, which adds to the stress.  Sometimes we balance and weigh our choices on what others think, what is popular, or what would alleviate the pressure of having to make a choice.  Too often, we are stressed, in a hurry, and we make unconscious choices.  Frequently these choices come without regard to the impact on us at a deep level.

How often do we make choices based on who we are, and what is truly important to us?  How would our lives be different if we learned to live from the inside out, making meaningful choices that support ourselves? Doing this allows us to make conscious choices rather than react to what is happening outside ourselves.  It gives us more control over our lives, and ourselves and with that comes self-empowerment.  When we consciously choose what our lives will be like, we are setting our own course, and creating a life that reflects what is important to us.

The most effective way to transform our lives, to include deep and lasting change is to transform from the inside out. Instead of searching for meaning and answers outside ourselves, look inward and embrace who we are at our core, our core heart essence, (CHE™).

How do we do this?  First, spend some time writing about what is important to you.  For example, what do I value, and what do I enjoy?  What won’t I tolerate? What do I believe in and what convictions do I have that are non-negotiable?
When you spend valuable time getting to know yourself at a deep level, your choices will become easier.  When faced with a choice try asking yourself, how this will affect me at a deep level.

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