May Is For Mindfulness & Motivation!

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It’s Your Month For Success!!!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been busy attending continuing education training to maintain my fitness, coaching and hypnosis certifications. I thought I’d share several techniques and tips I’ve learned.  My clients and I have found helpful. I hope you do too.


S – Slow down, take a few deep breaths.
T – Take note of your feelings.
O – Open up and make space for your thoughts and what you are doing.
P – Pursue your goals and values. Engage in them no matter how small.


Find self-compassion.
Place your hand over your heart and breath through your heart space and visualize hugging yourself.
Say something kind to yourself.
Rather than eliminate stress, increase living and honoring your values – what’s important to your life. What would it look like if you honored that?


Wiggle your toes playfully and notice a sense of relaxation in the feet.
Close your eyes and imagine your hands heavy and relaxed. And notice the feel of what your finger tips are resting on. Notice texture, temperature and feel, just being aware and giving yourself permission to enjoy this feeling as your move your fingers over the surface.
Notice any sounds and fragrances in your environment and any images behind your closed eyes.

Breathe: Breathe in slowly to the count of 4 and out to the count of 8. Do this 4 times. As you are breathing place your hand over your heart while breathing through your heart center. Then invite a pleasant memory to come to mind from the past when you were laughing, having fun or feeling good. Repeat this up to 8 times during the day. It also helps wonderfully at bedtime.

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Wishing you overflowing success! Patricia
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