Is Healthy Self-Esteem Possible?

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The way we feel about ourselves is foundational to everything we do and experience  including our success or failure. When we have a positive and healthy self-esteem, we tend to make choices and entertain thoughts that support us rather than tear us down.  This helps us weather the many storms of life with more inner strength, ease and resolve.

Is it possible for everyone to create a healthy self-esteem? How do we create a healthy self-esteem, especially if we’ve experienced many traumatic, self-defeating and self image destroying events in our lives?

In my hypnotherapy and coaching practice I see many people with damaged  self-esteem.   Some have experienced horrific events in their earlier lives which has left damaging emotional scars.  And, I’ve witnessed those same people create new and empowering self-esteem while  transforming their lives for good. Yes it is possible and highly probable that you will improve your self-esteem if you take steps to do so.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching will help you improve in all aspects of your life, not just the ones you target to work on during the sessions.

Here Is a tip that may also help.

Affirmations – can be extremely helpful in reprograming negative thoughts. However most people don’t use  them in the most effective way. This tip will help.

Say your affirmation in the present tense for example, “I love to exercise, I’m finding it easier and easier to exercise every day” are great affirmations. What will make it even more effective, is adding a picture, or image to it.

So in your mind, create an image or picture of your self enjoying exercise. Then, say the affirmation and pull up the picture simultaneously. This is a truly more powerful way to utilize affirmations.

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Wishing you success always in all things.

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