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We are excited to offer a ONE TIME, three-hour virtual GastroBand hypnosis class through Amazon local. SEE THE DEAL HERE.

Even though this program is 6-12 weeks in length, in this class you will be hypnotized several times to virtually install a Virtual Gastro band around your stomach. This will make it smaller so that you will get full faster. We will also give you lots of suggestions for healthy eating and exercising.

We are having great success with this program in our individual sessions, and want to offer it in a group format to be able to help even more people achieve the success they desire.

We will only be offering a limited number of these classes in Bellevue, Des Moines and Tacoma.

Here’s more information on our GastroBand™Hypnosis program:

One of the many weight loss services we provide is the GastroBand Hypnosis™ Weight Loss Program. This powerful, proven and tested program will help you gain control of your eating patterns so that you will look and feel better. While participating in GastroBand™Hypnosis we will support you in “losing all the weight you want” without feeling hungry, or suffering those wild cravings for those fatty, sugary, high-calorie foods that have led you down that old unsuccessful path…

This powerful, safe and effective non-invasive program will help you easily and effortlessly make food choices and changes confidently. You will be amazed, surprised and thrilled with the changes you are making.

In each session we work with you to restore, renew and improve your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-respect, while you heal and strengthen your inner resolve to permanently and powerfully keep these wonderful changes you are making. We will also help you enjoy exercise while feeling good about making healthy food choices. With over 30 years in the fitness field expertise in weight loss hypnosis (having successfully hypnotized well over 3,000 people) we have designed an amazing program just for you. We are absolutely committed to your success!


See some of our testimonies:

Choosing to go to Patricia for hypnosis and the hypnotic gastric band was the best decision I have made. The experience far exceeded my expectations. From the first session, my behavior changed easily and naturally. I eat less, recognize my body’s natural hunger, and am able to stop eating when my body says that I am full. The weight is coming off easily and safely. I am able to handle social situations, emotional situations, and challenging days without falling back into old emotional eating patterns. This is not a diet. This is a complete shift and I am not a slave to food any longer. Patricia is a wonderful hypnotherapist. She has helped me breakthrough in my personal life and I feel more empowered and positive than I ever have. Thank you Patricia!I feel free and in control and I love this new life that you’ve helped me achieve! I have lost 34 lbs so far. Marina Tanay

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Wishing you success always in all things.

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