Hypnosis Weight Loss Class November 25, 2:30-5:00 pm

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Hypnosis WeightLoss Class, Park Place, SeaTac Sun, Nov. 25, 2:30-5:00pm

Attend this popular class and experience several hypnosis sessions while learning how hypnosis can help you lose weight, relieve stress/anxiety, depression, pain, headaches, insomnia, IBS, fibromyalgia, sports performance and more. You CAN control your eating and lose that weight. FREE hypnosis recording.

Questions, Contact me. Space is limited so sign up NOW! Empower yourself!


Read our Class Testimonials:

I attended your class on Sunday July 27th. While I haven’t started “dieting” real serious yet, the one thing I gave up (when you were telling us to put it in our bucket of fat” was chocolate. I have not had ANY chocolate since! It’s truly amazing! I have chocolate cookies and candy in the house and I really don’t want any. It’s not that it repulses me, I just have no desire for it! I have been telling everyone about you and the class. It was fantastic. Thank you again Karen Waun

You have great positive energy – fill the room with your presence. Sheri Hilderbrand

I feel empowered to lose weight/food craving. Linda Earnsest

I learned how to love myself better, how to use my mind to exercise freedom of my body. Tamaya Tereshkova

Instead of jumping in right away to hypnosis, it was helpful to learn more about how it works, why and to learn more about Patricia. I learned to relax, breathe, and understand why food is an issue for me. Dori Alpert

This was a good class. I really enjoyed it and will benefit from it. I learned about controlling food issues and eliminate bad foods are in my control. MK

Hypnosis aversion worked well– Let go of a favorite food – realized how connected to childhood comfort. Hillary W. Clark

Class was empowering and motivating to make a change. Jessica Pierce

Class was supportive, restful, trusting and good. Really wonderful session. Jezebel Blessing

Positive and encouraging. Learned taking control of my thought process. Letting go of negative thoughts. Kathryn Tower

It was good. Everything we did today I can take from it. I learned to let go of unwanted things and to forgive. Mariah Murray

Hypno-Coaching is a viable, alternative personal development modality with a proven track record of success in many areas including weight loss. It can be the best choice in helping you or someone you know overcome problems, gain confidence, and perform better.

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