Support for Anxiety

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Support for Anxiety 

One thing I see people most for these days is anxiety. And it’s no wonder with what’s going on in the world.


So today I want to talk about anxiety and teach you  two self-management techniques that will help you in the moment and alleviate the symptoms.


Will these techniques take away anxiety completely, no, but the good news is that with hypnosis we can get to the root cause of that anxiety, heal you and change it.


What is Anxiety?:

Anxiety is fear about something in future, maybe it’s a particular event or maybe it’s general anxiety about what could or might happen.


What happens when we feel Anxiety?

When anxiety kicks in we automatically respond in a certain way, usually with tension in the body, racing thoughts and a sense of having no control. Our brain has created a neural pathway to that response and it gets strengthened each time we respond with anxiety.


When was Anxiety created?

Anxiety is usually an ingrained and automatic response pattern that was created, most likely in childhood in response to an uncertain environment. And it’s not unusual for everyone to have a little anxiety. Because, let’s face it, childhoods are often uncertain.


The Latest in Brain Neuroscience:

We know on brain scans that there’s an over activity in one of the hemispheres of the brain when a person is experiencing anxiety. It’s usually on the right side of the brain. That means we can do things neurologically to bring about relief.

And according to neuroscience research, the brain is capable of changing even the most ingrained patterns.


Isn’t it good to know that we can rewire our brains far more easily than we ever thought possible. It’s called neural plasticity.


What happens when we STOP Anxiety?

So, each time we stop the pattern of anxiety and connect it to a more helpful resource like relaxation, we are rewiring our brain by dismantling that neural network that used to keep anxiety active, and we are creating new successful ways to manage ourselves.

Today, I’m going to teach you new techniques that you can use now to get immediate relief, to put yourself in control and feel calm, confident and secure.



Bilateral Stimulation get a ball or an apple or anything you can toss and think of something that is causing you some anxiety. When you feel that anxiety somewhere in your body, rate the level of it on a scale of 1 to 10.

Now pass the ball back and forth from one hand to the other, crossing the midline, so you are                      stimulating both hemispheres of your brain. It will have a more rapid effect if you keep one hand in              front of you as the other swings out to the side each time you pass the ball.

Do this for a minute.  Stop. Take deep breaths, and check-in. You might note that the anxiety has                dissipated.  Then re-rate that anxiety from 1-10 as you perhaps notice that anxiety has changed and          reduced down.

Repeat for a minute, check in, re-rate until the anxiety has completely diffused.


Heart Breathing – From HeartMath Institute – The heart is the strongest emitter of electromagnetic energy in the body. When you do this exercise, you are entraining your brain into a coherent and more relaxed brainwave state.

Place your hand over your heart and focus on your heart space, and as you do breathe deeply, in              and out, from your heart, and keep your awareness there as you breathe through it.  Imagine that as          your heart is pumping healthy blood throughout your body, and it’s radiating safety, security and                  positive energy through your whole system.

Practice heart breathing throughout the day, knowing that as soon as you feel that anxiety you can              drop immediately to your heart and breath.


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