Thank Yourself Today!

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Thank Yourself Today!

If I were to ask you to go inside and find something about yourself that you are thankful for, what would it be? Could you even do it? Could you find something about yourself for which you are thankful?


The reason I’m asking this is because too often we focus on our faults, things we are falling short in or not achieving.


For some strange reason we like to kick ourselves when we are down by heaping on the negatives. Doing that strengthens those negative feelings about ourselves from a neurological perspective. And like a mosquito bite, we constantly scratch it. We are wiring our brains for negative feelings and when we feel bad about ourselves life can be pretty dismal.


Like a dark cloud following us everywhere, those negative feelings are constant reminders that we are not good enough, that were missing the mark, or that we’re not even in the running.


Neuroscience tells us our mental state and confidence are best served by focusing on the good, instead of the negative, especially the good about ourselves.


So instead of that too familiar, negative pathway, let’s create new neural networks in our brains for positive feelings about ourselves, positive thoughts about ourselves and that will lead to positive actions and a happier, more fulfilled life.


Are you with me on this? Do you want to build more positive inner resources for yourself? Don’t you want to stop beating yourself up? If so, get your journal and pen and take some time to thoughtfully answer these questions.


Self-Compassion Activity


  • What do you want (need) to thank yourself for today?
  • What do you appreciate about yourself?
  • What do you want to support yourself on and help yourself accomplish?
  • Find a good-positive fact about yourself. Look for a good fact in a current situation, a recent accomplishment, your character, or the past.
  • Turn that good fact into a good experience and a positive affirmation.


Now that you have answered the questions, take a few, undisturbed minutes to close your eyes and think about the positive things you wrote.


Give yourself permission to step in and embody the good feelings. Actually thank yourself and feel yourself receiving the thanks. Bring awareness to the good in you and then double those good feelings.


Acknowledge yourself for trying and for showing up in your life day after day. Then let those good feelings expand and grow bigger, wider and higher till they fill the universe.


Enrich, absorb and breathe in those good feelings and let them heal, restore and rejuvenate you while you take a few moments to really soak in the goodness.


Practices like this can begin to rewire your brain and build positive inner resources that will strengthen, sustain and remind you of your awesomeness in difficult times. And, feeling good about yourself can help you achieve all of your other goals too.



Baby turkeys are called poults. They are ridiculously cute.

Did you know Sarah Hale is considered the “Mother of Thanksgiving”? She urged President Abraham Lincoln to make it a National Holiday. She also wrote the popular song “Mary Had A Little Lamb.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!! I am grateful for you 🙂
Wishing you a day of gratitude, love and peace.



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