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Children respond very well to hypnosis and here’s why.  Up to approximately the age of seven we are in a hypnotic trance. We have yet to develop that critical factor or logical mind that says,  “hey that’s not true”, or “they are just having a bad day and that’s why they are saying those mean things to me”. This comes, as we grow older IMG_2764and mature.

Without this critical factor or screen, we are open and receptive and everything that is said to us, especially if it is repeated over and over again, gets downloaded into our unconscious or subconscious mind as reality. These words become a part of our belief system, which guides our feelings and actions. In turn this affects our experience in the world and we see it as positive, negative, safe scary etc.


Not only are words important in forming children’s belief systems, experiences also play an important role.  Witnessing traumatic events such as many portrayed on TV today, violent video games, abuse, neglect etc also shape the child’s belief and behavior systems.

Many of us are acting on those beliefs today. Examples may be that highly successful person who feels like a failure. That gorgeous woman who truly feels ugly, or that person who wins the award and believes deep in side he doesn’t deserve it or is not good enough to receive it.  Addictions, giving in to cravings and obsessions and other destructive behavior may also be traced back to earlier events.

Working with children provides an opportunity to impact those beliefs systems right now at an early age to help them create a positive self-esteem. Using hypnosis with children/youth can help them learn self-management tools so are successful in school, relationships, and other activities.

Hypnosis can also help YOU update an old, outdated, and destructive belief system so it reflects who you want to be and the success you want to see in your life.

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