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So what are you waiting for? We all have hopes and dreams, right? Why is it that so many times, we put off pursuing them, and never experience our dreams at all?  

We wait until that mythical perfect time to launch the career of our dreams, to take that much-needed vacation, to join a class to meet new people, or to exercise and practice self-care.  Sometimes we even wait until we are calmer to stop self-destructive habits like smoking, or over eating.

Sadly, for many, that perfect time never arrives. We live our whole lives in front of the TV, watching others do what we wish we had the guts to do.  We see happy people living their dreams, taking risks and living to their full potential, and we wish for some small piece of that success in our lives. 

Even though we may feel we have just as much talent, drive, intelligence, and wit, we don’t even try to pursue our own success.  Why is that? Is it fear of failure, rejection, pain, and/or disappointment that holds us back? 

If this is true for you, are you willing to try something new?  Ok, I’m not hearing a NO, so here goes. 

First, acknowledge your feelings, they served you well.  Feeling the fear of failure, rejection, pain, and disappointment has kept you from venturing out and getting hurt.  You might say your fear kept you safe.

Next ask yourself what dream is it I really want, that I’ve been putting off because of my fears?  Pick one thing.  Now, answer these questions. 

  1. How would my life be different if this dream came true? Make a list
  2. What would it take from me to fulfill this dream? Make a list.
  3. What would it be like to live my whole life never pursuing this dream?
  4. What three steps will I take starting tomorrow to make my dream come true?

Instead of watching life from a TV screen, I challenge you to create your own movie, one in which you are the STAR, and your dreams really do come true. Love, Light, Peace, Success, and Big Dreams to you!  Patricia

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