Making Resolutions That Stick in 2016

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A new year is like a book. The pen is in your hands. It is your chance to
write a beautiful
story for yourself. ~Unknown

Happy New Year Everyone!  Here’s an activity I find extremely helpful to do each year at this time.  Remember to watch the video at the end.  It’s just for you!

New Year Activity:

I always like to spend time searching for just the right journal I will use to write my goals and thoughts throughout the year. You may want to do this too. 🙂

Then set aside quiet, undisturbed time to begin this process.

As you answer each of the following questions, set your pen on the paper, begin writing (brainstorming) and only lift your pen when you have fully completed answering that particular question.

Avoid editing, punctuation, caps, changing thoughts etc until you are finished with the whole activity. This may be challenging for some, but well worth it in the end. Stopping to edit interfers with the valuable information coming from our unconscious mind.

1. List your desires (brainstorm) in each following area:
career, money, health, family/friends, romance, personal growth, fun & recreation and physical environment.

2. Go back and circle the three most important goals in each area.

3. Now circle the one most importan goal in each area.

4. Write and affirmation for each goal (one in each area) stated in the present. Example: I am releasing 7 extra pounds. I am experiencing more balance in my life.

5. Put pen and journal down and visualize, sense and imagine yourself achieving those goals.

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