Using Your Mind to Attract What You Want

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‎”As we increasingly master our perceptions, beliefs, and thought/feeling patterns, we magnetically attract that which we most desire.”
~Luanne Oakes~

The mind is a powerful tool we can use to transform our lives.  With specific and purposeful use of the mind we can improve performance, relieve pain, speed healing, lose weight, stop smoking, achieve confidence, eliminate fears, stress and phobias, quit destructive habits and attract what we want in our lives.

There’s been a movement underfoot for awhile now, called the “Law of Attraction”.  It became popular with the 2006 movie, “The Secret” along with the promise to help you create anything you want in life.

What is it, and can I use it to attract what I want? According to Wikipedia, the law of attraction “refers to the idea that thoughts influence chance.” In other words the premise is that conscious and unconscious thoughts shape what happens in our life, not just motivation and action.

According to this theory we send out vibrations that represent our beliefs, thoughts and emotions.  The law of attraction matches those vibrations (whether positive or negative) and brings us more of the same.  So, based on this theory, to attract what you want you must become deliberate about what vibes you are sending out into the universe.

Many believe that to attract what you want, you merely have to send out the right vibrations and your desires will manifest.  Personally I don’t believe that sending out vibes alone will achieve my goals. However, I do know that our thoughts ultimately create the beliefs, feelings, actions and inactions in our lives. Our state of mind is the key in attracting what we want and achieving our goals.  When combined with sound action steps, we can substantially increase our odds at attract what we desire.

What we focus on affects our performance. We know that in sports like golf, baseball, football and others once we learn the skills to play; we become truly success when we gain mastery of our thoughts.  Thoughts that are filled with anxiety about missing the mark or imagining failure will most often lead to failure.

This is true in all endeavors.  When we imagine and see ourselves succeeding at whatever goal we set it affects our performance by preparing our mind for how it’s going to be and we expect success. In sports for example, there are many documented studies comparing mental practice and actual physical practice. In many cases mentally practicing and rehearsing the game was equal to or better than physical practice.

If we think we’ve failed even though there maybe evidence to the contrary that is our experience.  On the other hand, if we walk through life imaging success, even if others don’t completely agree, we walk through life feeling successful.  When we feel successful, we take more risks increasing our opportunities for even more success.  Not only that, it feels good to think successful and positive thoughts about our lives.  How do you want to feel?

There are many ways we can use these ideas to create the success we desire.  One way is by participating in a guided meditation/visualization during which you will actively and creatively visualize successfully achieving our goal. You will prepare you mind for what will be by mentally rehearsing what you want to attract. You can also do this alone by visualizing, in as much detail as possible, what you want to attract in your life.

Learning to use our powerful minds in visualizing what we want to attract while taking action in the direction of our goals will support us in achieving the success we desire. What do you want to attract in your life today?

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