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P1000118When asked what the biggest problem in the world today is, many of us would say it’s our environment.  Jeff Primack owner-CEO of Supreme Science Qigong Foundation says our biggest problem today is in our separation in consciousness.  He says (paraphrased) even if we resolved all the earth’s problems, we’d still fight over land.  However, when the reality of all humanity is connected, world peace will happen.

At Supreme Science Qigong Foundation, Jeff is more interested in the evolution of people than in food healing even though he teaches food healing by increasing the consumption of phytochemicals in his seminars.  Jeff believes that Qigong is the unifying agent that will connect us all so that “the ultimate all is one experience”.  He has been passionately spreading his philosophies about food, healing, spirituality and transforming world consciousness through his world wide Qigong seminars.

What is Qigong? At first glance Qigong is an exercise that professes to build the immune system and strengthen the body through a series of slow, controlled, and specific Tai Chi (originating from Qigong) moves performed in synchrony with deep breathing rhythms. It is a self-healing tool using a moving form of meditation.  When we look deeper, we discover that “Qigong is the father of traditional Chinese Medicine”, which is over 5000 years old. Kept secret and only practiced by the wealthy elite and martial artists, with the Cultural Revolution, Qigong is now available to all.

According to traditional Chinese theory Qi is the vital energy that gives us life. It is derived from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the environment in which we live.  Qigong is also used in healing others in body, mind and soul. And it can be used to help in healing our entire universe.

The gentle, deep breathing techniques are said to revitalize our tissues, organs, muscles bones relieving pain, eliminating stress and strengthening our ability to send out Qi for use in healing others and our planet.

Studies have shown Qigong to be a cure for many ailments from high blood pressure to cancer. In the Western world many of us have found Qigong to be the key in improving our overall health. The positive effects from incorporating a regular practice of Qigong include inner peace, a healthy energized body and a calm state of mind that supports us in managing the stresses and disease in life.

Practicing Qigong together with healthy eating and using herbs is touted as the secret to longevity.  It is said that many practitioners show “profound anti-aging effects, often looking decades younger than their actual age.”

As we practice the art of Qigong, we are moving energy in a meditative dance, bringing Qi to us, sending Qi to the earth to others and out into the universe.  There are specific moves involved such as Wuji Stepping, Push Hands Movement, Locomotion Movement and others that allow us to move while breathing in concert with our actions.

I attended the 4-day Qigong Healing Revolution in Tacoma in July-August 2010 and was moved deeply in this experience.  In addition to learning and practicing 3 levels of Qigong, we learned about healing through food, and the 9-Breath Healing energy method among many other topics.

At one point in the seminar the chairs were arranged in a long spiral around the room. Six hundred of us sat holding hands and used this healing 9-Breath method to send healing energy through prayer to those suffering in the world.  We prayed specifically for healing and forgiveness for the local city, the state, the country, the world, elected officials, the children, Africa, Israel and the Middle East, the soldiers, those responsible for the war, our prosperity, our neighbor’s prosperity, for those we need to forgive, for forgiveness of ourselves, and finally we sent prayers of gratitude to God.

There may be some truth to Jeff Primack’s beliefs about our separation from one another in consciousness. Personally I don’t know if this is an area that will ever be healed.  However, there was a definite connection to everyone when practicing the art of Qigong during the seminar. I felt very connected to others in the room and especially when we were praying.

At any rate, there are so many benefits in practicing Qigong that it may very well solve another big problem in the world today, the stress, anxiety and lack of positive, healthy inner connection with self.  Try it for yourself and notice how you feel. If it feels good continue the practice and reap the healthy benefits of quieting your mind and healing the evolution of your mind and body through Qigong.

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