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Diet and Exercise information including what to eat and how to exercise is easy to find.  So are health clubs.  So why is obesity still an epidemic?  It’s not because we don’t have information. This epidemic exists because we sabotage our own good intentions. We create a diet and exercise plan then it all seems too hard and we drop out.  We end up feeling even worse about ourself and we give up.

If you struggle with honoring your commitment to yourself and you want to be successful, feel hopeful, and see results attend one of my Hypno~Coaching for Weight Loss classes.  I created this class to help you support yourself by using the power of your mind to achieve your goals.

Recent Student Testimonies:

“Changing my eating habits has been nearly effortless. I found this experience to be multi-faceted.  Patricia covered so much about life in general and thought in particular.  It has been truly inspiring and helpful.  I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn about themselves and lose weight.” N.Horner 3/2011

“This has been a wonderful experience.  I am finding that my inner piranha are leaving my body and my inner being is growing stronger with each and every day.  I thank Patricia and the Senior Center for this life changing opportunity from the bottom of my heart and my soul.” M.Williams 3/2011

“It’s the 1st time in a long time I really believe I can do it.  My experience is very positive.  I have lost weight already and it’s been a long time since I have.  I didn’t know what the class would be but I was pleasantly surprised how good it was.”` J.Deda 3/2011



“I feel more positive about myself.  The program is easy and feels comfortable.” L.Carter-Perry 2/2011

“I’ve definitely felt more motivated to make the best choices for me.  The habits and change are lasting.  I have lost a few pounds over the 3 weeks of this class, and I’m confident I’ll continue to do so to reach my goal.” J.Stallman 2/2011

“I have tools now to think positively about any goals I wish to strive for. To envision accomplishment rather than the struggles.” M.Dollinger 2/2011

“It helped with depression.  I liked it and will continue.” K.Parman 2/2011

L.Elliott 2/2011 I am more aware of what I eat, and am feeling positive about releasing weight.  This has been a wonderful experience! I feel positive that I will achieve my healthy lifestyle goals!”

“I am so glad that both my husband and I took this class.  It re-enforces things I have known but hadn’t put into practice I would recommend Patricia’s Class on hypnosis to anyone who wants to finally change their life to lose weight.  It really works for weight loss and touches other parts of my life.“ S.Hogonson Jan. 2011


“This class has given me very valuable tools & assets for my weight loss journey that can also be translated into my other endeavors.  Patricia has the knowledge and confidence to lead you in the right path of achievement.” M.Channell Jan. 2011

“It works.  I don’t know why or how, but it does.”  M. Flanery Jan 2011

“I will let my friends know that this course is well worthwhile.  The meditation sessions are very healing.” Jan 2011


“It can work.  Work the program and push yourself away from the table.  The course is a positive experience.  I learned that there are other ways to fill up yourself other than food.”  R.Ziemba Jan. 2011

“The hypnosis tools are a great tool to add to my goal to release excess weight.  This was a thoroughly positive experience in all aspects – not just weight loss.  Absolutely worthwhile.” C.White Jan 2011


“I feel confident.  Very good experience opened up my mind to a new way of thinking about myself and positive thinking.  It is a good tool in helping achieve your goals.” Jan. 2011


“I eat better.  Pay more attention to what I eat.  Get full easier.  I feel very positive about this experience, and listening to the CD every day will help me accomplish my goal.“ Lynn Wauga Jan 2011

“Very positive – lost weight right away.  The experience was good all around for me.  I had a more positive look on the future.”  R.Mathews Jan. 2011

The next class is starts Thursday April 14, 21 & 28 3-5pm at Auburn Community Center. Class is getting full call now and register. (253) 931-3043.