The Real Key To Success!

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Most of us want similar things in life, love and support from friends and family, good health and personal happiness, financial security and the ability to achieve our full potential.

Sadly however, most of us never achieve the success we desire, no matter how hard we try. It’s as if we stop or sabotage ourselves, preventing the success we know, down deep, we are capable of.

Why do some easily achieve success against all odds, while others fail in spite of having the advantage?

A limiting mindset, combined with negative self-talk, which we acquired, downloaded to our unconscious mind and reinforced over time, is typically operating in the background preventing our success. We are often not even aware of these thoughts and how they hold us back. And, the more we allow our negative thoughts to undermine our efforts, the more those thoughts are reinforced creating a negative cycle.

How do we change this cycle? The answer and key to success is right between our ears. It is utilizing the power of our mind to change our beliefs, thoughts and actions so we can achieve our goals. Try using the following strategies.

1. Hypnosis/Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to retrain and change our mindset is one of the most powerful and effective actions we can take.

2. Using Positive Affirmations combined with other techniques can program your mind toward the success you desire.

3. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Acknowledge that negative thoughts sometimes appear in new and uncertain situations. Love and accept yourself in spite of them using EFT.

4. Visualizing The Change – This is similar to mental rehearsal some athletes use. Regular practice will create an anticipation and expectation for success.

5. Try this activity: Take some undisturbed time alone. Think about an area in your life you want to change.

Close your eyes and take several deep-relaxing breaths. Picture, sense or imagine what success would look like in that area. Notice the sights, sounds and feelings of success.

As you intensify this experience, imagine stepping fully into that success, feeling it in your body, seeing what that success looks like. Give yourself permission to fully experience this success. Then state a positive affirmation about this experience, for example, “I am confidently attending and participating in this fitness class.” Practice this visualization on a regular basis and see yourself become more successful.

The key to success is closer and more attainable than you could ever imagine. Pursue and practice these strategies and you will re-program your mindset and negative self-talk for good.

Cheers to your success! Patricia

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