Hypnosis Improves Performance And Sports!

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 Did you know that hypnosis is used extensively in the world of sports and performance? It’s no secret that Olympic athletes utilize hypnosis. Even our local Seahawks use mind techniques to perform better. The famous singer Adele has used hypnosis to get over stage fright. Hypnosis is being used increasingly because it’s highly effective, very enjoyable and the only side effects are that you will achieve your goal.

Here’s how it works. When we’re learning a new skill or performing, we create a little video in our mind that includes what we see, what we hear, what we feel and sometimes even what we taste and smell. This video includes all of those missed shots, doubts, fears, anxieties and negative self talk as well as those times we performed well.

This video plays whenever we perform. With the good and the bad performance pieces in it, it is no wonder our performance is not consistent, as we want it to be. For example, in a golf game, we may make several great shots, and then many more poor shots.

With hypnosis we help you create a brand video that includes you, consistently and more powerfully and confidently performing at your best. This new video contains only your best shots and performances and that’s not all. We can include a cheering section, a fabulous mentor, confidence building and empowering self-talk and other supportive elements. We will add to that video everything you need to be your best, consistently.

Then we will create an anchor for you to access this video anytime you want so that each time you perform, this new video turns on automatically filling you will confidence. The result is you perform your best more consistently, especially if you practice this technique often.

Using powerful and effective techniques from hypnosis will help you improve all areas of your life so that you are performing your best, more consistently.

What area in your life do you want a new, more empowering video?

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Cheers to your success! Patricia

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