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Hi everyone!  I am so excited to tell you about my latest creation, a 6 hour course on releasing excess body weight.  I have combined my 29 years experience as a fitness trainer, knowledge from my certifications in training, coaching, hypnotherapy, personal training and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, to bring you the best processes, techniques and experiences so that you can effectively release weight and achieve the success you desire.

Have you had it with diets that only work for a little while? Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work? Losing weight can be one of the most challenging experiences in your life… if you let it.  All success begins in our mind… 

Now, not only will you remove the barriers that hold you back, you will also learn to reprogram your mind and create the success you have longed for.

If you want to exercise consistently and eat healthy food, this course is for you.  If you are working out yet still struggling with consistency and healthy eating attending this course will tip the scale in your favor and you will be successful.

Even though the topic is weight loss, you can use these skills anywhere in your life such as employment, sales, leadership, relationships and more.  The class won’t be a piece of cake either, you’ll be keeping track of food intake, exercise, and other healthy habits, report on your progress, and you will have the support of the entire group AND your accountability partner.  Not only that, you will receive a FREE copy on my new hypnosis CD on weight loss, titled “Letting Go” so you can listen at your leisure and allow my suggestions to help you eat healthy, exercise regularly and feel good! 

Feedback from my courses:

“Good class, made me realize I have work to do on myself – gave me good insight on relationships” DM

Excellent presentation!  I can’t wait to implement ideas.” HH

 “It was very informative and motivating and pointed me in the right direction”  A.Barchman

 “Wonderful, gave me tools to reflect.” BJ

 “Thank you. You are a great presenter!” LJR, CPA

Here are the current classes and contact information.

What:  6 Hour Weight Loss Course

When/Where/Cost: Only $79.00! This course will change your life forever!

 Choose one of the 3 times & locations:

 Parks & Recreation Centers:

Des Moines Activity Center (206) 870-6527 to register

  • 1. MondaysJuly 6, 20 & 27   6:30PM – 8:30PM or
  • 2. Mondays-August 3, 17 & 24 6:30PM – 8:30PM

Burien Community Center (206) 988-3700 to register

  • 3. WednesdaysJuly 15, 22 & 29 – 6PM – 8PM or

 Using these innovative and proven methods from Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching and Personal Fitness Training, you will discover that weight loss can be far easier than you ever imagined. Wear comfortable clothing; bring a mat or blanket and pillow and pen and paper.  I hope to see you there!

 My best,