Lose Weight With Junk Food?

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Can you lose weight no matter what you eat as long as you reduce your calories?  And how does that affect your body and energy levels?

A professor of nutrition at Kansas State University conducted an experiment to see if he could lose weight by eating a diet consisting of consuming two-thirds of his calories from junk food, specifically snack cakes while reducing his overall calorie intake.  In 8 weeks he lost over 27 pounds!!!

According to these kinds of “experiments” it appears that it doesn’t matter what the source of the calorie is.  What is important is the reduction in overall calories.

However, what effect does a diet consisting of high sugars, processed carbohydrates and unhealthy fats have on your body? In a study conducted by Sadie B. Barr and Jonathan C. Wright at Pomona College, “evidence has shown that rising obesity rates closely parallel the increased consumption of processed foods in the USA.”  As well, in a comparison  of energy levels after eating processed foods versus whole-foods showed a 50% energy reduction in those eating processed foods. We also know from indepth research that eating this kind of diet over time can lead to lack of energy, poor concentration, heart diseases, liver failure and diabetes.

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