Lose Weight With A Friend

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It’s finally summer in the Pacific Northwest.  Yay!  We’ve waited patiently for so long…

As you are pulling out your shorts and swim suits to stay cool this summer, how are you feeling about your weight loss goals?  Are you feeling great, or are you disappointed in yourself for losing the self disciple and commitment battle and giving in to temptation…?

The good news is there is always a new day to make a new commitment to yourself.  And there are many resources to support you in achieving your goals such as hypnotherapy, life coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  These tools create powerful personal change, and they are used by famous and successful people.

According to research, being accountable to someone dramatically increases your success. Having a partner, friend or coach who will hold you accountable and support you in staying committed to your goals feels good, like you are not alone.  With support it’s easier to stay on track so that you can see the results you want, and you may even get to hear someone say, good job!

So, who do you want to make a pack with?  Take some time to think about the people you know including the people in your neighborhood. Then make some phone calls, and make a commitment to yourself.  It’s never too late.

Here’s a great article listing six ways you and your friends and accountability partners can support one another.


If you like working with a friend and feel that you have similar goals and struggles, contact me for my Special Summer Discount pricing for group coaching for weight loss.  A limited number of spots are available and they are filling up quickly so call (206)459-2898 or email patricia@integritylifecoach.com to reserve your place now.

Warmest wishes, Patricia