Lose Weight With Hypnosis – Empower Yourself!

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Hey Everyone,

The Deal is on again for this FANTASTIC OFFER through Groupon.  It is a 2 For 1 offer.  Two people attend a 3-Hour Hypnosis for Weight Loss Class and each person receives a FREE Stress Release CD valued at $24.95!

If you are on the fence, read these testimonies from participants:

2013 Testimonies

I learned that hypnosis is a powerful tool that can actually improve habits and positive thoughts.  I feel empowered and excited to start my journey to becoming the person I envisioned in my “picture” of my future self.  S.W.

I feel positive, motivated, strong.  Patricia you were absolutely wonderful & inspiring! E.R.R.

Thank you for your great energy and enthusiasm.  B.L.

I learned a lot about the mind and how it works.  I will use it when eating. I feel great knowing I can do something about eating and losing weight. I’ve never been hypnotized and it was a great experience.  C.S.

I learned that I do have control and power over myself.  I will use it to be a healthier and more energetic mommy.  You’re awesome.  All of your credentials helped me to trust “this stuff”!  Thank you! C.L.

I know that hypnosis is a powerful tool and I believe that this class will help me use that tool to reach my goals. A.F.

You are a great speaker.  You should have a “mobile app” so we can get updates from you on our phone-videos-blogs & etc.  S.S

I learned how to relax and get reconnected with myself, Feeling good, like it’s achievable, directed.  I really like your approach, its loving and accepting, not judging or harsh, but inclusive, soothing and positive.  J.A.

I learned that I am in control of my weight loss and I need to tune out 2 now the outside influences. I feel more empowered and believe I can actually attain my goals. I forgot what it feels like to totally relaxed… Thanks! T. M.

I learned to speak and think positively about myself, My mind and body. I feel confident and reprogrammed very cool class, easy to listen and be involved in.   E.W.

I learned how to relax and use positive thoughts to change. You are amazing and an inspiration. Lynette

I learned how to break bad habits!  I feel I have the tools needed to make healthy decisions. Class was enlightening and amazing. E.W.

I learned how to let go–Allow the subconscious to take over.  This is the kick-start I needed. D.B

I learned to visualize what I want and don’t want and turn the dial accordingly. I feel like it all worked. . I’m working on the J.B

I learned that I was holding onto my weight because of my fear that I wouldn’t continue eating healthy and working out. I accept and love that this is me. Period! I am healthy and active and always will be I will have no problem losing weight or loving my life.  W.R.

Here’s the Deal:


There are several of us teaching in this area.  Here are my sites:

Seattle/University Heights 7/21/13 9:30

Tukwila, Des Moines, Kent, Auburn, Federal Way and soon Fife/Tacoma.

To sign up for my classes visit this website, find a class that fits your schedule and sign up.


Let me know if you have questions.

Hope to see you soon!