Ignite Your Motivation Tip #5

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Does a challenge motivate you?  As a child with four siblings, we regularly challenged each other to accomplish dangerous, scary or bold actions.

If you were the challenger you secretly hoped for failure, but not injury 🙂  If you were the one being challenged you turned up the competition switch and found high intensity motivation you didn’t know existed.

It takes a challenge to motivate some of us.  We like it when the stakes are high and the goal is just be and beyond our grasp.  If this fits for you, your motivation may skyrocket by adding these elements to your goal.

Ignite Your Motivation Tip #4

Increase the challenge of your project—If you’re lacking motivation to do anything, try something you’ve never done before.  Or, you could add elements that would make you use different skills or resources. Simply the thought of doing something new and exciting can give us temporary motivation.

These tips will give you the momentum to move forward and create the life that supports you!

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