Ignite Your Motivation Tip #4

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Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed with the time and energy required to take some of the steps needed to complete our goal, especially if they are more challenging.  But it’s important to continue taking those steps or we’ll never achieve our goal.

This reminds me of dinner time as a child.  Like most families, we had to eat everything on our plate, especially if we wanted desert.  I was a picky eater as a young child.  There were some foods I just hated, but had to eat anyway. So, in order to get desert, and to be able to get down from the table before midnight, I’d methodically intersperse bites of things I liked with those I didn’t like.  I learned at an early age to mix the good with the bad to get the prize.

Ignite Your Motivation Tip #4

Create Your Plan—Even though your goal may contain many steps, it’s necessary to know in what order you need to achieve them. If possible, alternate between those that are easy to achieve and those that will take longer.  This way, you continue to move forward in completing the steps.  And you will avoid going through long periods of time without completing part of your plan.

It will help you feel more successful if you complete parts of the plan often. Goals provide focus. With no guiding plan, people tend to drift. Goals also provide a measuring device for progress, enhance productivity improve self-esteem, and increase commitment, so you’re more likely to achieve whatever you set out to conquer.

These tips will give you the momentum to move forward and create the life that supports you!

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