Your Time is Right Around the Corner…

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Hi Everyone!  This quote is rich with “stuff” to support you in creating a vision for yourself in 2012.  I hope this activity at the end will support you as you prepare for the New year, which is right around the corner.


“The time will come when you can actually make a difference and choose a better life. The time will come when you will consciously create your life with your positive thoughts, intentions and actions. The time will come when you take the first leap into an unknown abyss to find that your fears are just old friends coaxing you down the path towards your happiness. The time come will come when you just effortlessly allow the world to be as it is and let life flow through you knowing you’re taken care of. The time will come when you’re done waiting for tomorrow to write that book, lose that weight, take that class, learn that language, or start that business. The time will come when come when your Spirit says enough with this procrastination; it’s time to move toward your greatness. The time has come and that time is Now.” –Jackson Kiddard


Find a time when you can begin your visioning.  Collect a notebook and pen and curl up with a cup of tea.  As you settle in, ready to begin, answer the following questions.

1.  What better choices will I make for my life in 2012?

2.  What will support me in staying positive and focused on my intentions for myself/life?

3. What different thoughts, beliefs and actions will I have next time a fear pops up?

4.  In what ways will I support myself in “letting go” and trusting?

5. What three steps will I take towards acknowledging and stepping into my greatness?

Blessings and happy visioning ~ Patricia