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Taking time to interrupt our busy lives and look around now and then is important.  It gives us permission to step off our beaten path and see what else is out there, to take a break from the routine, and get a breath of fresh air.  To stop watching the news and TV shows and focus on something completely different from what we see and do each day.

Allowing ourselves space and time to notice and appreciate what we see is energizing.  It can give us new perspectives; fill us with hope, and perhaps a sense of wonder about our world, and it can be life transforming, especially if we do it on a regular basis.

Do you see roses, rainbows, or icicles when you look around?  If not, what things do you notice at home, at work, outside, in the store, in the sky? Are you willing to allow yourself to stop, notice, and appreciate your loving pet, warm, and cozy home, trustworthy car, or loving friend? 

If you are only able to see what needs to be done or what’s wrong as you gaze at your environment, stop yourself, let go of that, and only focus on appreciations.

♥        Say to yourself, I appreciate____ and list at least three things everywhere  you look.
♥        Commit to doing this at least three days in a row, and see what happens.

Love & Blessings,

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