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My husband and I were taking an energetic walk in our neighborhood this evening.  We have a couple of routes we can take depending on time.  It was a beautiful evening as the sun went down, and it felt wonderful to move after sitting all day at work. 

As we walked, I thought about some of my personal training and coaching clients and the struggle they have in giving themselves time to exercise. I said a little prayer for each of them. My hope is that they will see the benefits in taking time for themselves.  Even a short walk in the middle of the day if that’s all that time allows, will revitalize them for the rest of the day. A walk can also give them mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity, something we could all benefit by, in our busy, hectic lives. 

Ask yourself this:  How would my life be different if I took better care of myself?  What would the benefit be to those around me?
Happy Fall, a wonderful time to walk and enjoy this colorful time of year.