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Hi everyone,  I hope you have been safe in the challenging weather we have experienced in the Western Washington lately.  My husband’s family is in Aberdeen and was surrounded by water, and without power for many days.  It will be some time (if ever) before life is back to normal there.  Many of my family members are in Kitsap County, a disaster zone.  My brother’s long, winding dirt road to his home was washed out by land a slide, and that is where we are having Christmas this year.

It seems every year we get reminders of how unstable our world is becoming.  More and more we are learning to be prepared for disasters, and to carry on, and make the best of it.

With every disaster comes a gift. Our unpredictable, often unsafe world gives us the  pportunity to refocus our attention, to clarify, cherish, and cling to what is important-what we value.  What is truly important to us?  How would we behave, if we really knew our time was limited? What would be important to say to loved ones, colleagues and friends?

What would we give?  Maybe it is the gift of time given to those in need. Perhaps it is encouragement, donations, or kind words to someone with whom we have had a conflict. What we can control in our unpredictable world is how we respond to one another.  We have the opportunity to respond with love, support, and service.  What will be your response? To whom will you reach out to today?

I wish you many blessings this holiday season. I also want to thank you for supporting me by attending my workshops and classes, and by your encouraging emails.  You are AWESOME, and it is a privilege to know you!

Warmest regards,