Public Speaking Fear? You Should Be Afraid!

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When I teach public speaking classes at colleges and conferences, I talk about the reasons a person should not be afraid of presenting. However, the more coaching I do, the more I realize the fear is legit. People should be afraid of getting in front of a group.

While there is a lot to gain from speaking publicly, there is also a lot to lose.

Here are seven reasons to be scared.

Number One: Lack of Public Speaking Skill

Would you want someone repairing your car that knows nothing about mechanics? The average speaker receives no training, takes no classes, and doesn’t read one book on presenting. He or she expects to do an adequate job with no experience.

Number Two: Not Fearing Death

The OLD adage is that public speaking is the #1 fear. If you would RATHER die than speak, then you don’t need to be speaking. Period.

If you fall over Niagara Falls walking a tightrope, you’re going to die and it will all be over. When speaking you won’t die. You’ll live to face the possible embarrassment, whispers, and the snickers. But youíll still be alive. If you look forward to a Niagara, yet look away from speaking then put on your swim suit and stay away from the podium.

Number Three: Not Being Organized

Your presentation needs to be well organized with format and structure. Organizing does not take long, nor is it difficult, but only a handful do it successfully. Without a proper outline the fear is understandable.

Number Four: Confusing Writing and Speaking

Writing is formal. People rarely forgive errors in spelling and grammar. However, there is room for error when speaking. The ears are very forgiving and the brain is sharp enough to fill in the blanks.

Speakers get tripped up when they try to talk like they write. They become more academic and antiseptic and not many of us want to listen to presentations like that.

Number Five: Trying to Survive

Some presenters just want to get through the speech and get it over with. If that is your attitude then, yes, be afraid. Chances are extremely high that you will not do well. When you are in fear and survival mode you tend to do and say things you wouldn’t without the duress.

 Number Six: Lack of Commitment

The majority of speakers do a single presentation and that is ok. They can learn from a book or google search on techniques. But I’ve been to hundreds of conferences, lectures and presentations and there are thousands of monthly, or even daily presenters who give uninteresting, dull, boring and unprofessional presentations. And they don’t improve. Why? No commitment.

You can’t take one class and do brain surgery. You can’t attend one seminar and suddenly become a tax expert. The same with speaking. One book, class, or course will not create excellence. To become the best, you have to commit yourself to long term achievement.

Number Seven: The Freeze Factor

Chances are high that you will forget something and freeze during your speech. Unless you are skilled in various techniques,  know how to play it off, or use the moment, you will look uncomfortable, or even unprofessional.  And, people will talk about it afterwards. They will probably mention how they felt sorry for you.

Public speaking is frightening for many.  And it’s good to be afraid if you use it to pursue a commitment to learn all you can to improve as a speaker.  Need help, contact me and learn those techniques that will take you from a mediocre speaker to an excellent one.

Hope these seven reasons will propel you on your public speaking journey.


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