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Since 2014 the average stress levels in the US have increased. People are feeling increasing amounts stress in their lives according to studies. And they often feel hopeless, helpless and powerless to do anything about it. In a world where so much is happening all the time, many people are so stressed and worried that their thoughts, feelings and actions come from a place of fear and anxiety.

Our kids and teens suffer from high levels of stress as well, and they are at risk of mental, emotional and physical challenges according studies. Psychologists worry about long-term health consequences if kids don’t learn healthy ways to manage stress now.

With growing health challenges, increased cost of living, and loneliness and isolation, our elder population also feels the negative effects of chronic stress and anxiety.

Meditation For All Ages is a detailed guide designed to provide a fun and easy to implement solution to chronic stress that spans all age groups.  It includes current research studies on benefits of meditation, meditation options and activities you can begin using now.

I prepared and wrote this guide to help everyone, both clients and for my mass followers and readers out there so they can live more mindful, peaceful and healthy lives.


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