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One day I woke up with a terrible headache.  At the time I was attending a workshop on Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP), and so I brought the headache to class. I knew this pain very well because I had been plagued with headaches my whole life. I wouldn’t classify them as migraines although on rare occasions I have vomited because the pain was intense.  I had spent lots of money for this training and I was upset at not being able to fully participate because of the pain.

Lucky for me I got to work on my headache with a group of my colleagues in class that day.  They used Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques which instantly removed the pain.

They asked me about the headache, watched my behavior, listened and learned as I described it.  You see we experience information from our world through our senses.  All events (positive and negative) are stored in our memories and tied to our senses.  For example when we hear a certain song we may feel emotions from a former significant event.  Or a certain smell or taste can trigger intense positive or negative feelings and memories from past experience.

My colleagues identified that my headache represented itself as a picture, a smell and a feeling from a memory.  Through more questioning, we discovered that the headache was tied to the smell of a perfume and a negative experience I had as a child.  Then, using this information, they helped me change that picture.  I moved it to a different location, changed the color, sound, smell and feeling of that picture.  Then I shrank it down into a tiny picture and watched it evaporate.

It was a miracle, and I was a true believer! It was amazing to know that I could instantly transform and eliminate my headache through these seemingly simple techniques.  Even though these techniques are very effective, it is often even more powerful to return to the event (using hypnotherapy) triggered by the headache in order to transform and heal it.

Since that time when my headache was cured with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I have experimented using various techniques with myself and my clients and produced very satisfying results.

Did you know?

“Hypnosis as an alternative to sedation is making a comeback in the operating room… Hypnotized patients recover more quickly, with less pain and fewer side effects.  Time, “Mind Over Medicine,” March 27, 2006

Wishing you health in all areas of your life, Patricia