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Hi everyone,

I was in a Toastmaster’s meeting yesterday, and the table topic was about our mothers.  I instantly panicked and decided when It was my turn I would pass.  Then I realized that I have not thought about my mother in a long time…even this close to mother’s day… Thoughts of her death immediately flooded my mind.  As I pushed them aside, I asked myself, what positive qualities I have that I can attribute to her.  I thought with warmth about how gregarious, tender hearted, and loving she was and I realized those qualities are shared by my siblings and me.

Most noteworthy however was my mother’s love of dance.  I grew up watching Shirley Temple movies, Lawrence Welk, and anything else on the tube that involved movement. Every time these activities were on the TV, she and my father called out to me telling me to come in and watch.  I was the only one of five kids who shared their love of dance, and they encouraged it regularly.  

My father played guitar, banjo and mandolin in a band on the weekends.  I have priceless and loving memories watching them dance to “In the Mood”, their favorite song.  Before I got older and self-conscious, I was out on the dance floor with them.  I would be all dressed up in my pretty, frilly dress jitterbugging and slow dancing with my mother and father.

These are truly wonderful and positive memories I have of my mother and I am thankful for her legacy to me.  I only wish she were here so I could tell her.  My mother died of a massive heart attack at our Christmas dinner 25 years ago.

I recognize, and appreciate that each one of our circumstances is unique with respect to our mothers.  However, if you could come up with three positive things your mother gave you, what would they be?  Write them down and spend time appreciating them, and your mother for giving them to you. 

If you are a mother, write three positive things you have learned about yourself as a mother. Next spend time honoring and appreciating you.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mother, and thanks to all who support us!
Blessings, Patricia