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Hi everyone! I’m off to Kona Hawaii this morning, and can’t wait to feel the warm sun on my skin, hear the waves crashing in front of the condo, and swim in the ocean. Vacation for me is a time of relaxation, refocusing and indulging in what I want to do.  I plan to join a couple of gyms and actually take other people’s classes, rather than teach them myself (which is really a treat for me), do lots of snorkeling and kayaking, some shopping and lots of writing, so stay tuned… In the meantime, here’s some questions to consider: 1. What does a vacation mean to you?  2. What need does going on one fufill in you?  3. What are good feelings you remember from past vacations? 4. How can you recreate that feeling now, if you’re not on vacation? 5. What can you do to remember these feelings now and then? Till later… Peace & Blessings, Patricia

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