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Tip #2 Motivation To Exercise

If you’re like most, New Year’s resolution includes working out more.  It’s a great intention, but sometimes you just want to stay in bed in the morning, especially during the winter.

motivation to exerciseSo the inner battle continues…. “I SHOULD GET UP AND EXERCISE” verses, “I DON’T WANT TO, IT WON’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE ANYWAY, WHO AM I KIDDING”…

Who’s gonna win????  YOU are of course!!!  With these tips you can’t go wrong!

Just off the press is an article with 15 Get Out Of Bed Tricks by Daily Burn. Check it out and make a plan to USE THEM right away.

These tips are from 15 fitness professionals who share their wisdom to “avoiding getting stuck in their sheets  when they should be sweating it out.”

Which Tips with you use this week? 

1. Post it for the world to see.
2. Blast those alarms
3. Unleash the FOMO.
4. Snap out of it with the right song.
5. Build a support squad.
6. Take it one day at a time
7. See it to believe it
8. Cue up coffee cravings
9. Set up for success
10. Turn in on time
11. Think about the good day ahead
12. Set your eye on the prize
13. Keep the peace
14. Set a scary goal
15. Fork over the cash.

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