If Failure Was Impossible…

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Happy Monday Everyone,

I wanted to share this powerful quote with you.  Maybe you will want to take time to think about and answer these profound questions.  In doing so perhaps it will support you in setting intentions and mindfulness this week.    Enjoy.


“If today was it, would you die knowing you did your best?

If tomorrow never came, would you be proud of the last thing you said to each person you love?

If “someday” was only “now”, would you do everything you’ve always put off?

If you knew you had a choice about what kind of life you could be living, would you choose different?

If you knew failure is impossible, what would you do?

If it were true that everyone you meet is you in another body, how would you treat them?

If love was the true currency of the Universe and the more you gave away the more you received, how would you spend it?

If fear were the biggest illusion and the greatest lie of all time, how would you choose to live your life?

If the Universe always supported a life lived towards achieving dreams, how big would you dream?”

– Jackson Kiddard

Supporting you in your personal empowerment, Abundant blessings to you this week and always, Patricia